Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Turned the game off too soon

Being the loyal Seahawk fan that I am, I promptly turned off the TV once Donald Driver scored early in the 3rd quarter. I turned if off since the defense was not doing much and offense couldn't get in the end zone. Little did I know, the best was yet to come. Shaun was able to top 200 yards in the white mess and Matt did get 3 TD's in the second half. The rare snow storm to the Seattle area was somewhat nice to watch, from my living room. 34 degrees at kickoff is the coldest a start has ever been in Seattle. (Yes, I know they played indoors for a very long time).

Our big snow has not yet hit my house. However, my work area is getting a lot of "lake affect" snow. Too bad my car is in the shop for one more day, I want to see how these new tires handle on the white stuff.

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Bluefin said...

What a messed up game. How do you commit 4 first half turnovers and still go in ahead 9-7?