Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Yeah Griz...boo Hawks

The Griz beat the Bobcats in somewhat of a nail biter this past weekend. We host McNeese State on Saturday while the bobcats host Furman. I am not sure what to expect from the Griz. Swogger looked a bit off against Bozo, so with McNeese coming to town, I am none too thrilled. I hope to catch some of it this Saturday. The same bar that carried the Griz/Cat game is rumored to be carrying this playoff game.

What are the Seahawks doing? The lose to San Fran, and Shaun was on the field. I knew this could happen. We will truly see next week, not this coming Monday. Shaun and Matt will need a week or two to get back into synch. Apparently, our defense cannot stop the run. I hope we can beat the Packers on Monday night.

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brandy night rock said...

Looking forward to this weekend in I-AA. I'm guessing Montana/McNeese is a rout.
The Cowboys are way down this year (actually, the whole Southland is pretty pathetic), and even great Southland teams struggle in Missoula in November/December. McNeese is primarily a running team with a crappy defense, so they really play into Montana's strengths.

Furman/MSU presents a more intruguing matchup. Furman is another good running team with marginal passing. Cats D should do well. The real question will be injuries for MSU. Rolovich has either a back injury or kidney bruises from last week, Groves re-injured his knee, and Mason is pretty banged up too. If Rolovich/Mason can't go, MSU will really struggle. If they can, I think they'll win and get a chance to get destroyed in Boone the following week.