Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Almost Festivus!

Festivus is only 4 days away! This is what I know to be Festivus, however, last Saturday I had 2 people (on the radio) wish everyone a happy Festivus. I cannot wait for the airing of grievances.

No worries Bill, I got you point the first time....just kidding. I see you guys signed Dice-K, nice work. I hope he is worth every cent. The M's made the Vidro trade official, boy am I glad. Why do I have thoughts of Carl Everett coming back to mind?

With the Seahawks playing like Sentinel, it makes me think of gearing up for baseball. I cannot wait for February to arrive when pitchers and catchers report.

We had our first major storm this past weekend, in large part thanks to what Bill went through. Our yard had close to 8 inches of snow. I almost went out and purchased a snow blower on Sunday. Instead my nice Mormon neighbor came over and helped me finish my driveway.

If you like SNL or not, Darell Hammond is one talented impressionist. Also, you may not like Justin Timberlake or his music, but he is very funny.

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Montana1 said...

The only good thing Carl Everett ever did in his career was break up a Mike Mussina perfect game with a bloop hit, two outs - bottom nine - at Fenway.

Not too sure about Vidro, but I like the Sox chances with Dice-K. Have a happy holiday!