Friday, December 01, 2006

Blog #201

Selig has announced that he will retire when his contract expired in 3 years. I have been fairly negative about Selig on this blog, and referred to him as spineless. I think overall, his reign as commissioner of baseball has more positives than negatives. If you are a Pete Rose fan, you may disagree.

Brian Bannister of the Mets appears to be on the trade block. He had a promising start to his career before missing 80% of the season due to injury. I think the M's should go after him. Granite, they don't have much to offer, but the probably would not need much to offer. He has youth on his side, but is coming off a bad injury season. He is talented and could play a decent roll in our starting rotation. I know the M's would like to find a potential "ace" out there for bargain prices. Jason Jennings from the Rockies could also be on the block come next week. Both of these guys are right handed, so that does not help the fact the M's needs strong southpaw. The Cubs appear posed to try extra hard to acquire Schmidt. Next week should be interesting.

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