Friday, December 08, 2006

End of Winter meetings

Bonds will break the record in San Fran next year. I am not happy about this because of the dark cloud that surrounds this issue, true or not. People have asked for an * to be placed next to his name. The fans will give him the *. With the few people I have talked to about this, they still think Aaron is the home run king and will remain the king when Bonds hits 756.

The M's did some odd things. I will give them credit; they seemed to focus on youth. They went after right-hander Sean White (Pirates 25 years old) and left-hander Horacio Ramirez (Braves 27 years old). The M's sacrificed Soriano for Ramirez, who has had moments of greatness during his young MLB career. Sean White came over in a rule 5 acquisition. Sean seems to do okay from what I can find, nothing overly spectacular but his career seems fairly young. I like the focus on youthful pitching that the M's are bent on maintaining.

Besides that, I thought the Cubs overpaid for Lilly. He has not shown the greatness he had in Oakland. Maybe a switch to the NL will help with that. The Royals overpaid for Meche. I liked him as a Mariner, but he was inconsistent. I am not sure that his performance for the Royals will be much different. Freddy Garcia will also be pitching in the NL next season, for the Phillies. With the payroll put out for a Lilly and Meche, what does that say about Zito? If mediocre players can get 10+ a year, stars are going to be a very pretty penny.

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