Monday, December 04, 2006

Go Griz!

Yet another dominating performance was had on Saturday by the Griz, and they took care of the Salukis of SIU on Saturday 20-3. We face the Minutemen of UMass for a rare night game in Missoula this coming Saturday on ESPN2. For those of you that don't check the UM site, the game is set for 5:30 MST. UMass does bring 19; yes I said 19, D1 "dropdown" players to this game, while I can only think of 4 that the Griz will have in this game. Brandy Night, you may clarify if you want.

The Hawks pulled another game out of their butt last night. Neither offense looked all that great, but the Hawks need to learn how to tackle, especially when the game is on the line. Ironically, since that 71 yard play happened so quickly, that gave Seattle enough time to drive down the field for the winning field goal. Brown has been clutch all year for us. He makes our patched together offense look somewhat decent, and he can tackle too. Cutler showed signs of greatness, while also showing that he is still a rookie.

****UPDATE: Friday night, not Saturday night.


brandy nights rock said...

Not positive, but I think this is the first Friday night game for the Griz. We'll see if the impoverished denizens of that third-world-economy can a) afford to spend the night in Missoula after b) having taken the day off work from their job of being a real estate agent (3% of the population) or being a meth-cooking odd-job handyman (97% of the population).

UMass should be a good challenge. They probably have a more balanced team than Montana, in that their offense is good to go along with their stout defense. Still, they've never played anywhere like WA-Griz (assuming the real estate agents and meth-slinging oddjobbers can still fill the place up), and they've not played against a defensive unit like Montana fields. Should be a good one.

brandy nights rock said...

Oh yeah, and re: dropdowns - I know
QB Swogger - WA State
WR Craig Chambers - Washington
WR Eric Allen - OK State
OL Brent Russum - AZ State
RB Reggie Bradshaw - Louisville
OL Levi Horn - Oregon (backup)
CB Qwenton Freeman - AZ (backup)

So, we bring seven dropdowns. Of those, five are starters. Bradshaw's had some lingering injuries, so he may or may not go.

brandy night rocks said...

Quick correction - it's 15 drop-downs, I was mistaken earlier. Talking with some of their fans, it sounds like most of these guys who came in haven't been that high-impact. They indicate that only three dropdowns get significant time - the starting tight end, the top linebacker, and the top kick returner. The rest of the guys are pretty much backups who get limited action, guys who come in only in blowouts, special teams players, or guys who just can't get on the field cause they're not good enough.

Another indication that the starting lineups for the elite teams in the CS (formerly I-AA)are pretty much the equal of or better than all but the highest-caliber BS squads.