Thursday, December 14, 2006

Going downhill

Jose Vidro? You are kidding me? It appears that we gave up "potential talent" in Snelling and Fruto, but Vidro is being paid 12 Mil to platoon at DH and all infield positions. Perhaps this will be a good thing, but I am not impressed for far. Vidro is a .300 lifetime hitter, .301 to be exact. However, he has not cleared the .300 mark since Bush's first term in office (2003). Snelling is 32 years old while Snelling and Fruto are 25 and 22 respectively. That 12 mil is spread out over 2 years...I guess that lessens the blow...well, not really.

We will see what March/April offer us. At the time of this writing, I am not thrilled with the team we are going to field in '07. I firmly believe that we may have worse starting pitching rotation than last year. Offensively, I don't feel we have gained much. Of course Beltre and Sexson ruined that for me. They signed both those yahoos after having successful NL careers.

Beltre has had 2 full seasons since coming over from the Dodgers. In his two years, he has not totaled the 48 HR he hit the season before signing. I will grant him that his numbers went up last in HR by 6 to 25 and in RBIs to 89, up from 87.

Sexson has hit over 30 HR's in both seasons with Seattle. His biggest weakness is K's. He would hit a dead duck if it was close to the letters.

I read on another M's blog, the small rumor that King Feliz could be dealt to Atlanta for Hampton. WTF? Thankfully this is just a rumor. King Feliz is not even 21 yet. He does have some work cut out for him, but his career should be more productive than Mike Hampton. Mike has been fairly consistently a 10+ game winner through his career, but his best years were with the Astros. Not worth giving up the one player on the M's called "the best pitching prospect in the history of the org."

That horrible duet came on Sirius again. Perhaps they need to expand their holiday rotation.

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