Thursday, December 21, 2006

I don't watch the NBA

With the "punch and run" incident in NYC on the TV, it was like a traffic wreck. I stopped watching/following the NBA in 1998, when the last strike happened. That was my main excuse, as well as the image problem the NBA has. The image problem is not new.

I have listened to sports talk show hosts, but mostly guests on shows, that say the 15 game suspension was "too much". Honestly? He should get 2 more games for running away. "Melo" is good, very good at basketball; however the 15 game suspension was fine by me. After this incident some people were under the impression that what David Stern did, is attempting to clear up the "recent image problem". Recent? Have you been under a rock? Well, if you count the mid-90's as "recent" than sure. From my vantage point, the NBA has been having image problems since the 90's, maybe even earlier. Before you know it, we could have NBA stars in "don't snitch" videos.

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Bluefin said...

The NBA will continue to be mired in its current slump until it fundamentally changes it style of play.

There will never be another Michael Jordan. Thats an unfortunate truth. Michael was the first superstar Individual. Bird had McHale and Parrish. Majic had Kareen and James Worthy.

Ever since his retirement the league has been desparate to find the next Michael. It was going to be Shaq. Then it was going to be Iverson, but he was too urban. The LeBron, but he is on the Cav's.

The league has completely failed to learn the real lesson, which is that even Michael had Scotty and the pesky shooting guards that always made the clutch shot for him.

Until there are teams again in this league, it will completely fail to spark interest outside of the urban centers where the teams are physically located. Any one player can be countered (Hack-a-Shaq, need I say more).

Even in this post-Jordan era, the greatest success has been enjoyed by TEAMs rather than individuals. Shaq only won titles with Kobe (and no I don't think Phil was the real reason). Dallas won with Nash and Dirk. Teams with only one super-star have not won (T-wolves, Shaq as "Magic").

It may be passe' but its still the ugly truth of the league. Until they figure out how to structure their labor deals and contracts to supress individualism and create incentives for teamwork, they will not progress. Coaches cannot compete against the monetary and publicity opportunities that currently exist for players to try and stand out personally.