Thursday, December 21, 2006

On the new Blogger

After a 6 hour move, I am onto the new version of Blogger. If you have not converted your blogger blog over, I would do so in the dead of night.

The M's are now "talking" to Zito. However, his agent is the famous Scott Bore-a$$. So, if serious talks are taking place, Zito will come to Seattle for a hefty price. I hope that serious talks are taking place, because this could save face for Bavasi. Well, save some face. I still think he makes questionable decisions with people that either are past or have not reached their prime. And by "have not reached", I mean they will reach prime once they leave Seattle.

Festivus is Saturday. Does anyone have their pole up in preparation for the big event? I think this year, the feats of strength is what I look forward to most.

I am not a huge reality TV fan. However, I am drawn in like flies to a rib roast. I will say, "The Biggest Loser" could be a beneficial show. I use the word "could be" since I have no idea what is reality and what is not. This show provides those that need exercise the necessary tools to overcome their food and weight problems. I am sure people will disagree, but if you are actually trying to help people have a healthier life, more power to you. I am saying this as I type from my work computer, where I melt into my HermanMiller $500 office chair for 9+ hours a day. My longest walk during the work day is to the water cooler or coffee pot, depending on the time of day. Thankfully my dog forces me to go on walks at night; otherwise I am not sure what I would do to keep this fine physic.

Does everyone have their Christmas shopping done?

Why are the '08 presidential campaigns starting now? We just finished the mid-term elections; I feel we need a 1 year to 18 month break, at least, from this kind of discussions. What makes it even worse; presidential candidates have been lined up since December of 2004. Talk about burnout, it is not even '07 yet and I don't care who is running. What's next, Christmas decoration on sale in stores before Halloween.....oh, wait.

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