Friday, December 08, 2006

A Tale of two Swoggers

WTF was that? Hauck had to jinx us by saying we are a really good second half team. Then, we go and lay a god damn egg on the field. Obviously, UMass wanted to apply more heat, and they adjusted for it. Say whatever you want, the safety was the difference maker. Swogger was playing better and better each game, and the second half of this game was the Swogger of old.

I have not see the screen pass ran that many times since Dave Dickenson. They must have run that play 15 times. Oh, and 81...shut up and play. You actually did nothing all game.

Very disappointed, very. I knew it was going to be tough, thanks in large part to Brandy Nights notes. However, we had our chances. The defense did what it had to do on several occasions and we could not move the ball at all on offense. Good luck against App State.


Bill said...

Sorry Griz fans. I was rooting for ya...


Bluefin said...


Yeah it was a dissapointing loss. You could really feel the lack of Griz momentum in the second half, personified by the saftey. It was pretty clear that the 3 point (eventually 1 point) lead would not hold up.

It was the lack of pep and enthusiasm that bugged me the most, considerring that they were playing at home in their conditions.