Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Typical Microsoft and Baby it's cold outside

IE 7.0 is a "critical update" according to Microsoft; however, the patch to fix your day light savings clock is "optional". Granite, the day light savings time is nothing like the Y2K issues that were talked about and survivor stores created overnight for, but still important. More important than an update to IE.

Want to hear the worst sound in the world? No, not quoting "Dumb and Dumber". Rod Stewart doing a duet for "Baby it's cold outside". I have Sirius channel 2 going on at work to assist me in stopping any Scrooge-like attitude that may find its way into my day. This song has to be one of the most re-done sounds on the planet. Next thing, you will hear Flavor Flav doing a duet with Barbara Streinsand, while the Smothers Brothers are on backup and Cletus is the jug.

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