Friday, December 15, 2006

What a joke

Being given back to back weekends of clinching the NFC Worst, the Seachickens cannot get it done against 2 sub-par teams. No matter what now, the NFC Worst winner will have an 8-8 record. How embarrassing is that? The Hawks have the Chargers next weekend and seeing how they cannot tackle nor stop the run, the Chargers should have an easy win. Then we close out, on the road against the Buccaneers. If we lose both these games, and the Niners win both of their games they clinch the title. They finish up with AZ at home and travel to Denver.

Since I am assuming they will lose the last 2 games, and perhaps the Niners only win 1 game, the Seachickens slide into the playoffs to lose in the first round. This will put us at 5 straight loses to finish this season so lets talk about draft/free agency. Find some killer offensive linemen. We need pass blockers and some sort of line for Sean to run behind. Secondly, spend extra time on tackling drills. It is an embarrassment to watch our defense play. I don't think we have bad players, just bad tacklers.


Bluefin said...

Nice to see you firmly on your team's bandwagon. Remember, there are hotlines if you feel like jumping.

Montana1 said...

I have to say the Seahawks looked pretty pathetic last night. I think they were over confident after the first half and didn't take the '9ers seriously. Holmgren must be pulling whatever hair he has left out today. At least he's not telling the media he's going to coach UW.

Bill said...

Totally unrelated, but funny as heck:


Montana1 said...


Soory about the multiple comment! The new system is goofy. It doesn't show as posted, but obviously, the items had posted. You can deleted the duplicates!

Bluefin said...

Wow Anderson,

Way to troll the net for artifacts.

I especially like the Smokey and the Bandit theme for the BTLW there.