Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year and the playoffs

I hope that 2007 was an eventful and enjoyable year for one and all.

The Hawks are going to need to step-up their defense against the Redskins. I personally think we are in a match-up that we could lose fairly easily. The skins happen to be one of the hottest teams. What helps us, we have an east coast team coming to us, rather than the other way around. A running game would be key to us winning this game. As everyone knows, a running game opens up the passing game.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy Holidays (a bit late)

This is always an interesting time of year. We made a trek back to Montana for the Christmas holiday, it was very nice. Played in the 21st annual Christmas Eve football game; it had been a couple of years since I last played so my joints and muscles are still a bit sore. Missoula has changed. Being from Seattle now, the traffic did not bother me, but overall, I could see how Missoula does have a traffic problem for a city of its size. Overall, the city still provides a positive vibe to me. Had a "Dancing Trout" at the Iron Horse, the taste has not changed, even though the name has.

I have never been an overly creative person when it comes to giving gifts. So finding gifts for others, tends to be somewhat challenging. On the receiving end, I only wanting cards for Christmas. I always receive gifts throughout the year from those that I love and I count those towards the common "What do you want for Christmas?" question.

I am reading "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy. This is a great book, and the first I have read by McCarthy. If you are looking for a quick read that is hard to put down, this is my recommendation. For those of you that do not know me, I do not read books. This was one that my wife had recommended to me and I have since enjoyed.

Silva: 4 years, $44 Million (or $48 Million)

Overall, a smart move. We did not have to give up any talent for this pitcher.

However, overpriced. Silva is not a horrible pitcher, much like HoRam that we signed before last season. He does bring with him a winning record and an average ERA. In some ways, I see this as the "Gil Meche" signing for this year. He is not going to be an ace for the M's anytime soon. I would put him in the 3 or 4 spot, but for the M's, he sits probably in #2.

Monday, December 17, 2007

No Kurado

To bad, but you should know how I feel about the hype cycle of Japaneses pitching.

I see that the always injured, never pitching Mark Prior is available. Some M's fan wrote in to the mailbag asking if we would pursue him. I sure hope not! Bedard is a better chase than Prior, at least Bedard breaks the century mark in innings pitched per season.

Friday, December 14, 2007

HD update

I am using my DVR for HD downloads now Bill. I need Apple TV to step-up their product as well as iTunes to give us HD downloads. Do you think that Sony will allow this to happen?

My boss and I were talking about this. He thinks that Tivo and NetFlix need to merge. Tivo (and other DV-R's) are already setup for HD. Now, we just need a great way to get HD moves onto those devices.

Mitchell Report


Let’s face it; a majority of Americans are going to label all of the "alleged" steroid users as guilty. Regardless of actual evidence or not players like Clemens now have a flag on them that they will have to be removed. Since Clemens "adamantly denies" these claims in the report, I am watching to see if he and others actually sue those that implicated them. Keep in mind, to my knowledge, Bonds has never sued the folks at the SF Chronicle for leaking his name into the press.

I like the idea of not penalizing players for past actions. The sheer fact they have been named, and this was the lead story on every major 6 PM nation news yesterday is a fair amount of punishment in and of itself. Since every team was hit, how can you penalize them all? Selig is not the sharpest tool in the shed, he has to take some responsibility for allowing it to get this large. I would love to see the players union step up and volunteer to blood tests, year round moving forward. If done quickly, fans will not be lost, perhaps even fans gained.

There are a lot of mixed reactions to these finding spread throughout the internet. It if very interesting to hear all sides to this debate.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Seahawks looked okay

Whew, we clinched the NFC Worst again. Overall, the play of the Hawks on Sunday was good. However, we had a few little break downs that a team with any ability would have capitalized on and made the game a lot closer than what it actually was.

Shaun needs to sit the rest of the season. Put him at 100% for the playoffs and teach the line how to block for a ballet runner. Mo Morris run north and south, while Shaun likes to dance, picking the correct hole.

Way to go Pats! I am not a Pats fan, but one team I love to see on the losing end of a contest is the Steelers. Can the announcers shut up about the champagne in Miami?!!!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I entered the 21st century

As much as I hate texting and ring tones, I am officially a hypocrite on these 2 items. I have taken up texting with friends and family. I have also threw some money away with ring tones. I hate to say it, but it is fun and makes me laugh when people call.

Have not decided yet on a ring tone for co-workers or work related callers. Either "Working for the weekend", Loverboy or the theme music from "The Exorcist".

Rumors abound!

There is a rumor running about at the winter meetings that the M's are trying to land Tim Lincecum. This is a killer rumor for me, since I watched Tim come up this past year and feel that he has what it takes to be a long time pitcher in the bigs. He offers a crazy 12-6 curve that left a lot of batters in denial.

Who would the M's have to give up? Sexson, Woohoo!!!! Well that is one name being mentioned. The other is Ben Brousard who I thought played very well and deserves to start for some team, preferably 1B for the M's. You do realize, once Sexson is traded/leaves he will have a career year.

The M's are also looking to find a backup at 2B. The sometimes airheaded play of Lopez did not impress me so I am okay with this move. I think Lopez has the ability to reach down and bring back the all star from 2 years back, but that is up for him to decide. In the meantime, lets find a great 2B to either replace him or back him up. I feel the minors would be an ideal spot to fill this, but what do I know. I don't see the logic in trading for a bench player.

Santana? Bedard? Kuroda? Blockbusters?

It looks like we were on the "second tier" for Santana. On the table for us wold have to be Morrow, Clement and Jones. It looks like bringing Morrow up as a setup man was a mistake. He would have provided more value as a starter in AA or AAA. Clement, the Twins don't need a catcher. Jones would be nice in their outfield, but he would appear to be the only option the Twins would actually need. Looks like the Red Sox are the only team standing in the Santana sweepstakes.

Moving onto Bedard. If it was me, I would not give up the same 3 guys listed above for Bedard. Bedard is young, but unhealthy. He has yet to pitch over 200 innings in a season. Another downside to Bedard is that he has 2 years left on his contract before free agency. So if we did trade away a good chunk of our future farm, we run the risk of not having a pitcher for the entire season and departing at the end of 2 years. Too many risks on this move

Kuroda. I am not 100% sold on overseas pitching. Dice-K was a "nice to have" for Boston, but look at how much money was spent for a 15-12 pitcher with an ERA of 4.40. Overall not bad numbers, I would take those on the M's too, just not for the 150 Million dollar price tag. This was his first year in the bigs, so the price tag will be measured as a "long term investment". It could be worse, look at what the Yankees squeezed out of Igawa. He is now sitting in their farm system.

Way to go Detroit! Dontrelle and Cabrera, this could be fun to watch. The Tigers are giving up some talent, but what they are receiving is huge! I did enjoy Andrew Miller, he showed a lot of promise in a starting role. It will be interesting to see how these 2 NL guys adjust to life in the AL.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Price of Diesel


I have not vented too much lately about the price of diesel in our neck of the woods. When we purchased our (no longer made) diesel Liberty, I thought we were doing a good thing. We average about 26 MPG on the highway and closer to 20 for city driving. But does the inflated cost of diesel benefit us from an environment standpoint? I am starting to think not.

Working from home does help from running up large gasoline bills, that part I enjoy.

Some HD venting

This post should come in really clear! Look at how vivid the words are!

Anywho, the HD debate is waging in my head. We use Comcast for both TV and internet. Logic states that Comcast does not have enough bandwidth coming through the wire to supply the same amount of HD as Dish. Do we make the switch or not? What is the point of having an HD set, if you cannot experience all your shows in HD goodness?

Football is killer in HD, you cannot beat it. I say this because I will not pay the overpriced amount to attend a Seahawks game...this year. During baseball season, all the home games for the M's are televised in HD, love that too!

Oh well, I guess I will remain content with Comcast.

When is this whole Blu-ray vs. HDDVD debate going to end?

Friday, November 30, 2007

Winter Meetings

We have reached this part of the Hot Stove league. The M's are looking for a starter. I am not sold on Free Agency, primarily because we have never truly benefited from it. I know that we have had decent players meander through the clubhouse at Safeco, but we are still lacking that World Series win. At this point, I would take a World Series appearance!

The M's have focused a lot of their draft attention to pitching recently. I am looking forward to some of those young arms making their way the majors. Perhaps we have some great starters just waiting for their shot.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Holy War

I forgot to mention this in yesterday's post. This past weekend, the holy war took place. For those of you that do not know of this game, it is Utah vs. "the team down south".

I hate BYU.

We listened to a few minutes of the game on the way home from Thanksgiving. It sounded like Utah really tried to make this close, but failed in doing so. I hope if Oregon goes to the Vegas bowl again this year, the team that was ranked 2nd actually shows up to destroy BYU rather than the crap high school squad that showed up last year.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Football thoughts from the past weekend

It was nice to see the Hawks pull out a win against a backup QB and a beaten up O-line. At least we kept it interesting. Since Holmgren has announced how he is going to the pass, we have had a decent amount of wins. However, we still need to run the ball to keep defenses on their toes. Watching Mo Morris run is a lot different than Shaun. Mo has some urgency, while Shaun likes to dance and find the hole.

The UM football team lost to Wofford this past weekend at home. I cannot say I am surprised. In the football history of that school, we have had problems stopping the option. Since Wofford defeated App State earlier this year, I knew we would have a contest on our hands, snow or no snow. I also felt we were the most overrated undefeated team in the nation. I would like to see other D1AA foes on the schedule. How can you get better if you never lose? The Griz are not the Pat's, where domination of opponents plays a major role. We had some squeakers but nothing like what we saw on Saturday. At least we beat the bobcats.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Beer Blog

I added a new section to the side bar. I found this blog at the page. This dude has some killer beer reviews that I have enjoyed reading.

Now I know why Guillen was valuable

Follow this link.

Monday, November 05, 2007


The Hawks let another one slip away. In the first half, the defense was shutting down the Browns. The second half, the offense could not move the ball and the defense could not stop a model train. I am beginning to wonder if the winner of the NFC Worst will be a .500 team.

The M's released Jose Guillen. He was a great addition to the club this past season. I know we did this for Adam Jones and I hope that Adam Jones can live up to the hype that is being created around him.

It is official, Torre to manage the Dodgers. I am holding out an opinion on this. I have placed the Dodgers in the post season in my predictions. They have only lived up to this once in my two year reign as "champion of all things NL". They have pitching and some decent hitting. (Have I mentioned how much Billingsley rules!).

At this rate with the Hawks, spring training cannot start soon enough!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Updated thoughts

Congrats to Sox fans! I thought the WS was rather "blah" this year but that could be because the Mariners were not in it.

The A-Rod sweepstakes will not have the Yankees. If he is not careful, he will price himself out of baseball. What I am saying...someone will Pay-Rod what we wants. My guess is bad blood caused the Yanks to not fight for him. That, or they honestly cannot afford him without the money help that Texas was providing. However if Santana hits the FA wire, you can bet the Yanks will find money for him. Lead runners for A-Rod? Probably the Dodgers. They need a 3rd baseman and Torre is the "rumored" new manager. Other teams that can afford Pay-Rod? Angels? My concern here is what he is doing to this game of baseball. I hope he stays around long enough to break Aaron's record.

The Hawks have a tough battle with the Browns this weekend. We do not travel well to the eastern time zone, but we get to fall back this weekend, so that might help.

The M's have hired an ex-Yank coach, Mel Stottlemyre. I am holding out judgment on this until the end of April. I also want to see what we do for a starter during the hot stove season.

Monday, October 15, 2007

It's official...we suck

Overrated, sucky, whatever you want to call us it is true. We do not generate offense until well into the 2nd quarter. Matt's first 3 games where statistically some of his best, now he thinks we play for the other team. Our defense tends to show signs of brilliance but is spending way too much time on the field.

The Saints entered last nights game with 1 sack, they leave with 5 more. Bush has never had 88 yards in half. Shaun had 35 yards on 14 carries and the offense could not move the ball if it was round and we played downhill.

Something needs to change. I am a fan of Holmgren, but this team is complacent and in desperate need of a pulse check. There is no "magic" when the hawks take the field. There is no drive to put teams away if and when we have a lead. We constantly shoot ourselves in the foot with bad play calls and horrible time management.

The Steelers were suppose to bit "it" for tough teams this year. The Saints came into last nights game 0-4 and showing no signs of lasts years brilliance. Qwest Field use to be a place where the Hawks could guarantee a longer the case. The 12th man is only as strong as the other 11.

Thank goodness we play in the NFC's worst division.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sunday is not a rematch and other randomness

That is a cop out right? Whatever. I have made my peace...finally...with the events of 2 years ago. (Doesn't mean I like the Steelers or their fans, but you get the point). There is no reason to bring up those feeling again. Personally, we are going to walk into yet another Steeler home game and lose. Final score, Steelers 28, Hawks 13. There has been some talk on sports talk around our area in regards to this rematch. A lot of fans are still hot and bothered by the events of years past and want revenge. Others could care less and want to move on with the rest of the season. After this week, the remaining 11 or so games does not have a team currently above .500.

I did some research to see what is going on with Shaun. I had always thought that when Hutch left after the Super Bowl, he would never run well to the left again. I had people tell me (Steeler fans in Utah primarily) that with Hutch gone, Shaun cannot run left. Or "if you stop him on the left, his running game is over." But did you know Shaun had more yards running right? If you look at the years with Hutch at left guard and Jones at left tackle, Shaun has more yards running away from those guys. To answer what is going on today? Injuries, it has to be injuries. That, along with his need to make every first down a goal line. When the Hawks are inside the 15, he runs a lot harder then when they are at the 50.

The M's finished the season strong by sweeping the Rangers. The M's finished with the 5th best record in the AL. I think that is actually a very good thing since we were dead last in the AL West for 2006. Remove our bad 2 week road trip and you could see the M's losing to the Red Sox, rather than the Angels.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

How did I do...NL

Ugh, I apparently cannot predict my way out of a wet paper bag.

I did give the Brewers and Cubs some "potential" good news to start the season.

I guess having 10,000 losses is nothing, way to go Phillies. They were 7 games back with 17 to play and knocked out the Mets on the LAST day of the season. The Rockies and Padres also gave us some reasons to cheer.

NL East (Final)

NL East (Me)











NL Central (Final)

NL Central (Me)

Chicago Cubs*

St. Louis*



St. Louis








NL West (Final)

NL West (Me)





San Diego

San Diego


San Fran

San Fran


Overall grade = D-

** = World Series representative
* = playoff teams

Again, hyperlinks on the "me" section

How did I do...AL

What's the point of doing pre-season prediction if you don't look at how poorly (or well) you did.

AL East (Final)

AL East (Me)








Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay


AL Central (Final)

AL Central (Me)











AL West (Final)

AL West (Me)

Orange County*

Orange County*







** = World Series Prediction
* = Post season

Overall, not horrible, but I did predict the winner of the AL to come from the Central. I also picked the Wild Card from the Central which did no happen

Overall grade = C+ (Move to a B if Cleveland makes the WS)

Added hyper links to the "me" side to the original blog.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fun NL

The last week of the season is exciting in the NL. The AL has nothing to offer, the Red Sox have a magic number of 2 and now that the Yanks have clinched, they should be able to put them out of the running for lets peak at the NL

The Phillies are really pushing to knock the Mets out of first. I had the Mets picked to win this division with the Phillies being a surprise punch. Sure enough, this division is displaying fun fall colors. The Mets should hang on, and make the wild card race one of the best.

The Rockies?! Yes, they are 1 GB of the wild card. Who is ahead of them, the Padres. The NL West is the best race going. You have the D-Backs with a 2 game lead over the Padres, and the Padres and Rockies knocking on the wild card door. The Phillies are also 1 game back of the wild card, but I hope that the NL west can send a representative. Here we go Rockies, here we go!

The NL Central appears to have the Cubs winning. Way to go Lou! I knew he could turn this team around and he is living up to my expectation. The Brewers are not out of it yet, still 2 games back. However, they need to win this division if October baseball is being played at MGD stadium. So much for me picking the Cards to win this division.

The NL is giving us a wonderful ride as fall begins.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

And like that... we are gone.

Last nights loss officially placed the M's on the list of eliminated teams from the playoffs. Beltre tried to keep it exciting and close in the 9th, to only suffer defeat in the 12th.

Come on Red Sox...keep the bums out of first! For the record, the Indians have not beaten the Yankees all season.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

5 outa 7

I wanted 2 sweeps and have 5 out of 7...not bad. Except the Angels clinched a title the M's had within their grasps near the end of August. You can survive weak starting pitching (to a point) if you have a decent bullpen. When the bullpen fails, you become experts in losing.

Now we have 7 games at home to close out the season, 4 of them against the Indians then finish this weekend against the Rangers. The Indians are going for the best record in the AL, so no way they are going to take it easy on us.

I will finish first in my fantasy baseball league this year! Years of losing have finally come to a close. I give a lot of credit to my draft, I made the least moves in our league at 21. I did draft some mistakes, but quickly rebounded with free agent pickups (Carmona for I hear Cy Young?) that saved my season. We had one manager who did nothing all year, so he does not count. He never changed his lineup and still finished 9th out of 10 managers.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Mental mistakes

I am not a huge fan of losing, (who is really) but what really gets my goat is making stupid mental mistakes that cost games. Here are 2 Pro Bowlers having a massive issue with an exchange and both players playing hot potato with it. Someone, just grab the ball and fall on it. Instead, the Cardinals drive the other way for a game winning field goal. The Cardinals out played the hawks for 16:30 of that game. The entire first quarter and the last 1:30 in the game. This is a clear example of how a slow start can hurt us.

To their credit, the hawks have worked from behind in both games. This is an art that could always use more practice. I would be nice to return to Seattle 2-0.

Speaking of coming from behind to win, the M's have not been able to the past couple of games. Now we travel to Oakland and Orange County...not good. I would love to see us sweep both teams or even take 2 out of 3. I am trying not to place a dagger in this season yet.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Come from behind

We tried to bring back from hope to the season this week versus the A's and D-Rays. We came from behind to win all 3 games (or break a tie). I am looking for something positive to come up with and this is it. It was nice to see JJ actually have a reason when they brought him, rather than shaking off the dust. Those 3 wins were very exciting to watch.

What will become of Raul? I wonder if he will be traded so Adam Jones will have a permanent spot in the lineup next year. This off-season will have it ups and downs. Starting pitching will once again be the main focus for the hot stove league. I hope it is the last year we talk about starting pitching as being our weak point. We have drafted so many young guns over the past couple of years, some of them should be making their way into the rotation.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Welcome back Jeremy and lucky number Sleven

HAHA, what a joke he is. The one time I saw him catch the ball...guess what...he fumbled. The play was saved by a roughing the passer call so this fumble will not hit the stat books. There you go Tampa Bay, you can have him. His boulder-esk hands and loose lips were reasons for us not to want him.

The Seachickens games did not start off that well for us. Putting aside the announcers and their non-stop drooling over the Bucs, we had a tough time stopping them. Finally, we got our act together in the 2nd and did not look back. We tried to keep Tampa in the game with a few late hit calls, but they never did capitalize.

I know that is a movie in my title, and one that I liked, however it really has nothing to do with the rest of this post.

What is up with the 7th inning for the M's? It was nice to see a W in the series finally against the Tigers, but it too little too late. Unless the cardiac M's are going to return from this road trip and close out the season with a .750 winning percentage, we are done. We are 6 games back of the fire hot Angels and 5 games back in the wildcard leading bums.

Onto week 2 and keeping my fantasy baseball team in first.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Should we be happy?

The M's were suppose to finish either dead last or second to last in the AL West this year. No one, except M's bloggers, were giving them any real fighting chance. So the questions pops up: Should M's fans be happy that we were competitive this year? (knowing full well the season is not over and we still could miss out on the wild card by only a game or so).

I have been a Mariner fan my entire life so failure is a second language to me. I know what we have for a team and I like it. Regardless of what critics say, I will always give us credit. I am not one to say that we did better than expected this year. Every year I expect us to compete and remain in the race until the end. To watch a team completely fall apart as we entered September is very difficult to stomach and does not qualify as "the end" to me.

Things I like:
The SS/2B combo of Betancourt and Lopez: Lopez does need to pull his head out from time to time and stop making mental mistakes, but overall a plus

J.J.: nuff said

The amount of talented pitching we have drafted: The future is bright for M's pitching.

Adam Jones: This kid is going to be good. He has the ability for longevity and consistantancy in this league.

Beltre: Can field and is probably one of the best at 3B.

Looking forward to A-Rod breaking Aaron's home run record.

Things I find strange:
Sexson, how much is he getting paid to play mediocre? Fans see $$$ when Sexson strikes out to end an inning with runners in scoring position. I am fully aware he cannot deliver each and every at bat, but something over .207 would be nice. He is an all or nothing sort of guy, K or homer, very little in between.

Is Felix overrated or is this too much pressure on a 20 year old to live up to "Clemens-esk" numbers? I like Felix and had the honor of watching him pitch live this year, which I truly enjoyed. But every year I get this impression he should compete for the Cy Young. If we burn out his arm, he will never compete. My much pressure to be our ace.

With all of this, I hope we get back on track on September and make a decent push. Plus, we have a true double-header on the 26th...I have to go.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


I knew this road trip was going to be tough. However, the M's need to learn how to finish a season. The only regular season they "finished" was in '95 and that came down to a single game playoff. You could say that 2001 was also a "finishing" year, but to win 116 games and not make the World Series is a bit embarrassing.

How bad have the M's, and particular the bullpen, blown it recently? They have lost 11 of their last 12 and are falling out of Wild card contention. They are putting themselves in a position with little to no recovery.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Why now?

The bullpen pulled a horrible trick on us in Cleveland last night. The completely broke down. I am a huge fan of George, he always comes in and shuts them down. Last night, Morrow, Sherrill and Gandalf disappointed.

This is the time for us to really explode onto the playoff scene. While the Yankees and Angels are heating up as we enter the final month, the M's are cooling down. I am not sure where the key failure is. I am leaning towards starting pitching. If the starters are not going deep enough, our bull pen will suffer. Perhaps this is a what a year that has a lack of starting pitching does to a team in September.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Disappointment and frustration

We will not make the playoffs. We needed to win this home series against the Angels to prove to ourselves that we are capable of beating a team of their caliber. I hate to say it, but we failed. I am greatly disappointed to come to the realization that the M's will miss the playoffs. This series was the first time in a long time, my stomach was in knots. I knew the pressures that we had to face. I don't think I have said so many 4 letters words when watching this team fall apart tonight and be shut down by a confident Angle ball club.

I missed all the good action tonight, turning on my TV to see 1 out in the bottom of the 1st and a 5-0 lead. I said at that point "That is not enough of a cushion." Sadly, the Angels proved me correct. The M's, historically, have never given me a reason to have confidence in a 5-0 1st inning lead. When this series is over, we will be 5 games out of first and tied with the Yanks for the WC.

I am not sure if the rest of you that saw this game had this same feeling. When Mike pulled Santana out in the 1st, I knew the momentum changed right there. It was eerie.

I would not be so concerned if it was not for the fact that the teams we face on this upcoming road trip are all over .500.

I hate to sound like the Brooklyn Dodgers, but...wait until next year...No fat ladies yet, but we are getting close. I do hope the M's can pull a rabbit out of their hats on this road trip and prove me wrong.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

5 in a row

Of course, now that I have pointed this out, tomorrow's final game against the Twinkies will be one for the loss column. The Angels appear to be owning the Yankees as well. It is going to be an interesting September.

One thing I wish that everyone could experience..the crowd at the Safe when JJ enters the game. You have 42K+ on their feat cheering (some singing) to AC/DC's "Thunderstruck". I love it! The energy around this city right now is playoff-esk. The town is really starting to show a lot of support for the team.

We need to keep this road winning moving forward. Over the next 3 weeks, we have 3 games at home. They are against the Angels which is making for a great series this year. We conclude with the Twins tomorrow, then onto Texas for 4 games. Texas has owned us this year in Arlington. Here is how the rest of the 3 weeks plays out:

Aug 27-29 Home vs. Angels
Aug 30th @Cleveland
Aug 31st-Sept 2nd @Toronto
Sept 3-5th @NYY
off on Thursday the 6th
Sept 7-9th @Detroit (rock city)

That is a schedule packed with some key teams. The next 3 weeks could determine if this Mariner team will see any action come October.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


That is how many runs we scored against the twinkies. Half of that tally came in game one. So, the last 2 games of the set, we were outscored 17-4. Very frustrating, especially coming off the killer the road trip from last week where we had a record of 5-1. To our benefit both Orange County and the evil empire lost. So, once again, instead of gaining ground, we did not lose ground.

A few things went wrong in yesterdays game, but giving a grand slam in the top of 9 really took the wind out of The Safe. Bring on the hapless White Sox. With today being one of our last days off, lets hope we can regain some energy. After this weekends series, we begin the road trip from hell. Especially since we are still making up games from the "snow out" in April.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Careful what you wish for

I wished for the Yankee and Angels to lose...they did. However, the other piece to that equation is when they lose, the M's need to win...they did not.

The proper thing to say here is: "Well, we did not lose any ground." However, we really need to be gaining ground. H-Ram pitching is not necessary a good thing. I saw that he carries a OBA of something around .330, that is just disgusting and now up to .341. Last night did not lower this as the Twinkies tallied 9 hits against him. To his credit, he was undefeated at the Safe up to this point. Garza did live up to expectations for the Twins, this kid has some great potential. (yes, he is on my fantasy team)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

...and anyone that plays the Yankees.

We need help from everyone else in the AL. Beat the New York Yankees! The M's are on a role, even though our new ex-Oriole relief did not do a very good job for us last night. However, the Yanks and the Angels keep on winning.

The Angles are 27th in the league, and 13th in the AL for home runs. Yet, they compete for the best record in the AL. This goes to show that you can still win with the small ball. To beat the Angels, you need to shut down the "running game". I have a lot of respect for Scioscia when you see how well the Angels do with little power production. The M's rank 10th in the AL when it comes to HR, so we too are manufacturing runs which is something I love to see. However, we do have 30 more than the Angels and still trail them. The Cincinnati Reds are 2nd in the majors with 154 HR, only 6 behind the Brewers, and yet have one of the worst records in baseball. The Yanks you ask? Third overall and first in the AL.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Should there be or not, that is the question. I have been debating if I actually want to weigh in on this topic so I guess I decided to.

First of all, I actually want to give Bonds some props for hitting 756. Do not take that as "I love it" because I don't but the feat to which he accomplished is amazing. With that said, I hate it. This feat should, in all honestly, be celebrated but cannot due to the large cloud overhead. Bonds will always be a target for an era in baseball where he was not the only one. We all have to admit that others did exactly what Bonds is accused of doing. None of them are as high a profile as Bonds, plus his shitty attitude does not make this situation any better.

Athletes make money based upon what their bodies can do. Bonds has on many occasions said that he was just doing what his trainer told him...bullshit. Why would you just blindly agree to do something that if it goes serious wrong the livelihood that you have setup for your wife and mistress could be harmed? Not just your livelihood, but your life span as well.

I know that in this society you should be "innocent until proven guilty." Bonds is doing nothing to help show how innocent he really is. Does anyone know if his mistress was in attendance?

I am linking to another blog about this issue. No matter who you are, the fact that Bond's stats have gone up since he turned 35 does need some attention.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

BOTW: Highlands Hollow, Boise ID

BOTW is back! I had a sampler of 4 beers at a local brewhouse in Boise called Highlands Hollow.

1. Fiegwild: Very hoppy on the nose, brewed in an English style that exudes hoppieness. Dare I say, cascading hoppieness? The light malt helps ease away the pungent hoppy bite up front. The hop taste lingers in the aftertaste in a calming way.

Rating: Drinkable (I am starting to get more and more into the Bitters)

2. Hippie Shake: Defined as an IPA however a lot of malt, more malt than hoppy for sure. The brewmaster even acknowledged this when I pointed it out (blowing on fist, rubbing on shirt). He did mention it has like 8% alcohol. The brewmaster also pointed out that this beer is not distributed into downtown Boise.

Rating: Very drinkable, but watch out

3. Lone Pine: A nice mild roast malty taste. Not much, if any, bittering hops but a plethora of finishing hops.

Rating: Drinkable

4. Spoon Tongue: Almost fruity in the taste, on par with a Belgium-white style. Very light in color, the lightest the brewery offers. Not too much hop, but a perfect drinkable "warm-day" beer.

Rating: Very drinkable

Do NOT let the outside of this place scare you off. It appears to be one of those "surf and turf for $9.95" joints. Once inside, it is a beer coaster mecca with a variety of coasters and nostalgic cans/bottles plastered throughout the rafters and walls. I felt the establishment itself offered a ton of character and charm. The bar only has 8 stools, and maybe 15 tables, so a great "get to talk to locals" bar for Boise. Really enjoyed my brief pre-airport stop here. It is located at the base of "Bogus Basin".

Monday, August 06, 2007

TSA, Southwest, and 6-4

Apparently, today, TSA is now asking that ALL electronics (Blackberry's, iPods, DVD players, etc) be removed from your bag prior to screening. I calmly asked the TSA agent when this went into affect, and he told me today. I don't watch a lot of mainstream news, but was there a brief story on this? This has been the way that TSA has historically got these type of announcements out. It is not a huge deal, however, they are delaying flyer's that much more. I guess I will do the clear bag thing for my electronics as well, instead of having to dig through my carry on to find them.

How early is too early to stand in the "A", "B" and "C" lines for Southwest? My flight is at 6:45 and at 5:20 I had 2 people already in line. One is in the A line and one is in the B line. I am sensing an "ATM proper distance" skit coming up. Once you are in line, what is the proper stance? I have a gent in the B line now, attempting to sleep with his bag as a pillow.

The M's went 6-4 on their homestand against the A's, Angels and B-S0x, with two of those loses at the hands of the Red Sox. Not a horrible record, but we need all the wins we can get. The Yankees don't need a pitching staff lately with the way the ball is flying out of Yankee stadium. Do they even have pitching in NYC? Now, the M's and Yanks are tied in the wild card race, a half game back from Detroit. Also, the Twins are usually a hot second half team, they are sitting at 4 games back in the WC race.

Sunday, August 05, 2007


With our starters leaving us little to be desired, our bullpen has really stepped up and shut teams down. Our starters are the 13th best or second worst ERA in the AL. However, the M's are still competing for the AL West lead and the wildcard. The Red Sox series always seems to be an exciting one to watch.

We made it to game 1 of the series and spent the game in left field. Between the view in the bar area and the closeness to the pen, we had a great time. It was rather enjoyable to ride Manny the entire game and also see Adam Jones up close.

Game 2 did not go as well as I would have liked, Bill may disagree with me on this one. With the Angels and Detroit losing and the Yanks winning, last nights win would have really helped us in the playoff race. I know that we are still early into August, but this is going to be a good race to the wire. Today is the rubber match between these two teams.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Wild finish

J.J. could not close out the Angels last night. He gave up a 2 run dinger to Gary Matthews Jr in the bottom of the ninth to force extra innings. This was my first ever extra inning game that I witnesses and what a game it was. The pen did an outstanding job of picking up where J.J. left off. The M's did have a chance in the 10th with the Angels bringing in 5 infielders, they decided to put a squeeze on, not something I would have done. Of course it completely backfired and we had to wait 2 more innings for Betancourt to save the day. Putz has had 33 save ops this year, closing the the door on 31 one of them.

Bring on the Sox! We need a lot of success to come out of the Sox series. We are 3 games back of the Angels in the west and .5 games back of the Indians for the wild card.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Post 300 and CLOSED to the PUBLIC?!!!!

I am going to bitch about Seahawk training camp closed to the Public. The reason: they moved training camp to team HQ in Kirkland which happens to be in the heart of a residential district...and a nice one at that. So, those fans that wanted to attend training camp that have never made the trek to Cheney, WA (yours truly) have to wait one more year for them to move to a facility in Renton.

I am not sure if the team is moving all its stuff (HQ, training, fields, etc) to Renton, or just moving summer camp. That is fine by me actually, Renton is about 10 miles from my house and saves me from dealing with 405 traffic. I just hope they leave this event free to the public, that is part of the fun.

Oh, and this is post #300. Woohoo!

What are we doing!?

For such a hot June, the team is now 8-8 with Mac at the helm. I am not blaming Mclaren, but since he has taken over, our bats have gone cold and our pitchers are giving up the long ball. Thankfully, the Angle are also losing.

A bigger concern is the Yankee's in the wild card race. They are starting their late summer push and that is always scary. The yanks have a fairly simple schedule the next 10 days while the M's are facing division foes and the Red Sox. Most of these games are at home, but I don't think that matters too much.

We do have tickets to see one game from each series. I am taking my parents to their first ever Safeco game this Sunday for "Turn back the clock day". Just for kicks, I will be wearing a Griffey jersey, since I do not have an Alvin Davis, Harold Reynolds, Mark Langston or even a Dave Henderson one to flaunt.

The M's have a "twilight" doublehead today in humid Arlington. We really need a day sweep to get of the losing track. Felix needs to mature a bit on the mound. Yes, the ump gave him a terrible call in Toronto, you have to admit, but what he needs to learn to do is bounce back and keep going after batters...I guess he is only 20.

A simple correction

The RCOTW was a Dodge Caliber, not the Magnum as initially thought. Sorry, not a big Dodge guy so forgive the oversight. I will let you know what cars are offered out of Reno.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

I made it!

During my travels to Boston last week I was able to cross off one of my baseball goals, to watch a game in Fenway. I actually made it twice.

The first time, we sat behind first base in the grandstands, not bad. We waited until after the game started and got face value seats.

The second game, we sat Row 1 of the Monster seats. This was an amazing view and the best part, my friend got them for free.

Fenway, what a place! Where else do thousands of people sing "Sweet Caroline"? (Don't say a Neil Diamond concert)

Monday, July 16, 2007

RCOTW: Dodge Magnum

(Rental car of the week)
I had a Dodge Magnum last week in FLA. It was squirrelly as hell and had a bad blind spot over the passenger side. Our course I was driving a rental with 7500 miles on it, so you know that car was not nursed along. This also had the "lower" end engine, so it drove like a gutless turd.

I think when you fly to the Miami area, you enter the "Miami Vice" theme of living all over again. The 80's version, not the "bomb of a movie" version...bomb as in bad.

A split and a large bump on the knee

It is tough to beat Verlander, and probably even harder to take 96 MPH pitch in the knee. Odd, to the best of my knowledge, Ichiro has only been injured twice in his career. Thanks to an Angel's loss, we are still 3 games back. Now is the time for use to heat up. I wonder if Ichiro needs to spend any time on the DL if they will use this to bring up Adam Jones. He has been labeled as the #1 prospect in the M's org and is currently tearing it up in AAA.

We will see if Ichiro's contract "ruins" baseball. Not sure if all of you heard the GM for the Marlin's comments, but I would think buying and have a fire sale of a team would be evidence to the "ruin" of baseball, not signing Ichiro...but what do I know. The Marlins only fired last years NL Manager of year. Yes, they do have 2 WS titles to the M's goose egg, but think of what they did to get those 2 WS. Signing Ichiro to a lucrative deal does not compare.

On to Boston this week. I wonder what type of money/public embarrassment it will take to get tickets to Fenway. If anything, I could watch the Sox game from a bar near Fenway...that might help. Never been to Boston during baseball season, this should be fun. Apparently, I have an unassigned seat for my flight out, not happy about that. Now, I have to play the waiting game.

William, thanks to for the links to the cool baseball stuff. I might have to do an overnight trip to Portland in August. Not sure when exactly at this time, but will keep you posted as the date approaches.

Friday, July 13, 2007

M's resign Ichiro

I am an fan of Ichiro, but this might be too much money. Reports a 5 year deal worth 100 mil. He is a good hitter and a great base running threat, but I am not sure if he deserves this much money. I am happy they resigned him, but not sure if this is a huge "win".

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My new favorite players

Vlad Guerrero is my new favorite player. No, this is not because of the home run derby thing, I have thought this for awhile now. He does not user batting gloves, how could you not like this guy.

Vlad has got this done annoymously in Montreal and now in Anaheim. We in the AL and any baseball fan, have followed him throughout his career. Not matter what, he seems to get the job done. A true natural talent.


Brian Roberts does not have this. Demtri Young is as fast as cottage cheese, he lost the world Series home field for the AL.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Hargrove out, McClaren in

Something is not right with this picture. Hargrove just doesn't leave when the M's have had the most successful home stand in recent memory and probably the best June in several years. Chances are details will surface in the coming weeks about contract negotiations going a rye or something to help speed up the process of his fire being extinguished. McClaren will do well, he has been with the M's for a very long time, returning to the bench coach role prior to this season. He was the bench coach for years under Sweet Lou. I think the winning streak should continue under our new emperor's reign.

What a month for the M's as a whole. Weaver actually has pulled his head out of his ass and lowered his ERA to a killer 6.75. J.J. finds a way onto the All Star team. Finds a way is an understatement, he is 23 out of 23 in saves this season with an ERA of 0.92.

The All Star break always brings with it that odd "first half/second half" feel. I really hope that our team does not fall apart after the mid-summer break. I would hate for us to be as bad as the Orioles.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Welcome back Griffey

It was an interesting baseball weekend here in Seattle. The town, and probably the M's, were too distracted on Friday night to actually play baseball. Safeco was built by the efforts he put forth in the Kingdome; he deserves a spot in every Mariner heart.

I was glad to see us take the series and Griffey homered, not once but twice yesterday. I wish I could had made one of the games, but it was still enjoyable to witness this return on our TV. I forgot how much I missed his signature batting stance and smooth swing.

Now that is over, lets catch the Angels!

BOTW: Thirsty Bear Brewing Company

Thirsty Bear is located in San Francisco and a good beer stop in the city. I sampled 3 beers for the evening, here we go.

Golden Vanilla: Strong vanilla in the middle and after taste, but dissolves to a smooth malty finish. I was glad to try it, but if I don't have this beer again, I am okay with that.

Rating : Drinkable

Meyer ESB: Not your typical bitter when you think of what "bitter" should mean. No lingering bitterness but rather smooth hoppy taste. Very hoppy on the nose, it smelled great! The hops will linger in the after taste.

Rating: Very drinkable

Brown Bear: Classic British-style amber ale with robust and malty body. You really taste the deep roast of the malt throughout this beer. The malt taste grows as the beer physically disappears. A great beer

Rating: Very drinkable

My favorite had to be the ESB. I am not a huge fan of bitter beers but this one seemed to lack that bittering punch in the mouth, but rather used the hops to really draw out the finer taste of the Meyer ESB.

BOTW: Washington Brewers Festival

It has been awhile since I last blogged about a beer, and this post is coming to you a week delayed. Two weeks ago, we attended that Washington Brewers Festival, it was the second annual. 61 breweries were on "tap" for this event, from all over the country, but mostly a NW theme. Since we did hit 7 places, I did not remember all the tastes that we experienced, so I am just going to list them. For the record, all beers I tried were good.

Here are the beers that we consumed in our quest to hit all 61:

Laughing Dog Brewing - Sandpoint, ID
Devil Dog - Imperial IPA
Huckleberry Cream Ale - Fruit

Big Sky Brewing - Missoula, MT
Moose Drool - Brown Ale
Summer Honey - Seasonal Ale

Lang Creek Brewery - Marion, MT
Hop Zeppelin - Imperial Pilsner
Manderin Orange - Hefeweizen (our least favorite)

Widmer Brothers Brewing Co - Portland, OR
Drop Top Amber Ale - Amber
W '07 Pale ale - Pale Ale

North Coast Brewing Co - Fort Bragg, CA
Brother Thelonious - Abbey Ale

Roslyn Brewing Co - Roslyn, WA
Brookside Beer - German Pale Lager
Roslyn Beer - German Dark Larger

Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Co - Snoqualmie, WA
Summer Beer - Summer Ale

Wyder's Cider - Oakland, CA
Wyder's Pear Cider - hard cider

For the 3rd annual I will keep more notes with me.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Damn Cubs

I knew this road trip was going too well, we were due to lose some close games. So far in June, the M's have been involved in 10, 1 run games out of a possible 13 games played to date. Of those 10 games, we have won 7 of them. I wonder what Houston will bring?

Update: Thanks Ryan for the comment, it did forget to mention that. Very impressive stat.

BOTW, I have fallen way behind on this. You would think that since I am now in the NW, I would have a BOTW if not, BOTD. I thought that BOTH(our) would be a bit of overkill.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Verlander's No-No and other rookies

Verlander did it! In only his second full season, he pitched a no-hitter. I have been high on this kid since he entered the league. Now, pitching 1 no-hitter does not prove my points on Verlander, but it can't hurt. The kid can throw over 100, I hope his arm can last.

Lincecum is doing okay for the Giants. He has a wacky delivery and some motion on this pitches. The sad part, in 7 starts he is 2-0. He has been somewhat roughed up at times, but this kid has what it takes to own the majors. Run support has been the main concern. If you can, get to a Giants game, not for Bonds, but for Lincecum.

Carmona for the Indians is having a reverse season from last year at 7-2 with a 3.17 ERA. This kid is another one you have to watch out for. As long as the Indians can keep him on the team, and with the run support they provide, he should also have a long a prosperous career with the tribe.

Wow, what a game!

Thanks to what should be known as the "Barrett Bobble" in the 13th, the M's take their 5th straight game and put up an impressive 9-2 record thus far in June. It was cool to see the M's play in Wrigley. One other impressive note, all the runs in the 13th were generated with 2 outs.

The bullpen has been spot on during this run as well. Davis, O'Flaherty, Sherril and Putz all did well last night. Morrow was the one that struggled a bit, loading the bases. Putz was also able to pitch out of his jam in the 13th to go 19/19 in saves and saves opps. It would be nice to have the starters last a bit longer and give the pen a rest.

The M's are a bit cardiac right now, but yet fun to watch.

Monday, June 11, 2007

June Standings update

Since I did this in May, lets review for June (I am bit late, blame that on moving, new job, and whatever else):

AL East:
Boston -
NY 9.5
TOR 10.0
Balt 11.5
TB 11.5

J's Pick:

AL Central:
Cleveland -
Detroit 1.5
Minn 7.0
Chicago 9.0

J's Pick:

AL West:
Orange County -
M's 4.5
A's 5.0

J's Pick:

NL East:
ATL 2.5
Philly 5.0
FLA 6.5

J's Pick:

NL Central:
BrewCrew -
Cards 5.5
Chicago 6.0
'Stros 7.5
Pirates 8.0

J's Pick:

NL West:
Padres -
DBacks -
Dodgers 1.5

J's Pick:

Things have improved a lot since the May tally was run. Kind of exciting, we have some fun races to is only June.

Get out the brooms

Whew, we swept the Padres with 3, one-run games. We watched a couple of them. I am glad to see the M's come through in these close games. All 3 of them required some "small ball" which is nice to see them do, especially on the road. J.J. continues his mastery of 9th/11th innings saves.

The M's have once again made a commitment to pitching. In this years draft, we selected a lanky kid from the great white north, Phillippe Aumont. I am glad to see the M's put worth a drive to improve our pitching through the farm system. In fact, they matched their total from last year, 34 pitchers. Eventually, we will need to acquire some offense, but we only have King Felix right now, and perhaps Ramierez for starters. Along with the 34 pichers drafted, they also selected eight infielders, eight outfielders and one catcher.

Less than 2 weeks before Griffey returns to the stadium he helped build.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

2 outa 3

So much for our sweep over the hapless O's. So I guess "Justin" was right, the O's do suck. The M's are doing what they can to remain over .500. Jarod Washburn is now the starting pitcher in question. However, since removing Weaver from our starting rotation we have been doing very well. I think that Jarod, overall, is not a bad pitcher, but hit a bad string of luck. At least, that is what I keep telling myself.

It is currently overcast today in the Sound area. I am still adjusting to this working from home bit, it is somewhat challenging. However, the coffee is a lot better than it ever was at the office.

Went to the M's game last Friday. Again, I saw Washburn pitch and not pitch well. The M's went through the entire bullpen, or so it seemed. It was a lot of fun and a close game, had the chance to see both Sosa and Gagne as well as Ichiro break a Mariner record for his hitting streak.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

May update

We arrived on Saturday. I was a bit sad to leave the old house. I will miss a lot of the aspects that the house/yard offered. The hardest part was leaving family. I am horrible with goodbye's and it showed when we left.

Our stuff should be in the house his Thursday. It was the last possible date, in a range that we were given, for our stuff to arrive. I am looking forward to not sitting on the floor.

The M's looked like the M's of old last night, with no run support. However, overall they are doing well on this road trip. They were 4 games over .500, something that sadly has not happened in like 4 years. Sexson is starting to show signs of some greatness, but is still overrated in my book. The person I want to see heat up is Beltre, he has the best potential to offer the team.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The King has entered the building

The M's offense came through in a big way last night. (Sorry Ryan, they had him on a pitch count but still a nice FA pickup.) Felix looked really good, with a few mistakes the Angels capitalized on, all in all, a good performance. Felix did not look like the pitcher that shutout the Red Sox, but he did show signs. It was to be expected coming off a rest such as he did.

I think another story, and perhaps a better one, is Sean White. He relieved Felix and only threw 39 pitches to 13 batters; what an average, 3 pitchers per batter! He pitched for 4.1 innings and earned the win.

I looked forward to being able to watch tonights game as well.

Monday, May 14, 2007

BOTW: Utah

I have really falling behind on my "beer of the week" post. To make up for it, I thought I would list some of the beers of Utah that I have enjoyed. Basically, I never ran into an Utah beer I did not like. Some of the following listed will be either breweries and beers or just breweries.

Moab Brewery - Dead Horse Ale
Moab Brewery - Scorpion Ale
Uinta - Cutthroat Ale (Won a bronze medal at the GABF)
Wasatch - Polygamy Porter "Take some home to the wives" and "Why have just one?"
Wasatch - St. Provo Girl
Wasatch - First Amendment Lager
Squatters - Chasing Tail
Red Rock Brewery (Downtown)
Hoppers Brewery (Midvale - Woohoo!)
The Porcupine (Cottonwood Heights)
Roosters (Ogden) you can find their beer at the Bayou.
The Bohemian (Midvale - Woohoo!)

That is all that is coming off the top of my head right now. As I return to visit, I will do a better job if making BOTW's for Utah beers.

Onto beers of the NW...

Moving updates

I did not want to jinx anything, so I waited in updating folks on our move. Our house in Utah sold in 1 day. Well, technically it took 4, but after 12 hours on the market we had 2 offers. After the first weekend, we had 5. That really feels good.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Not an NBA follower, but...

I did watch the Jazz game last night. It was a very good game to watch. The Jazz actually play basketball, I was mildly surprised and enjoyed watching the Jazz take a 2-0 lead. I almost want to follow the NBA again, but I doubt that will happen.

I see Weaver is starting yet again for the M's today. Why? He gave up 3 ER in the first inning and a 4th in the 2nd. Hard to have your offense save you when you put them in a huge deficit to begin with.

We are almost ready for the movers. Just putting the finishing touches on a few items before I take off on Sunday for the Great Wet Northwest.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The days after...

Last Friday was my last day working at the U. It was with a lot of mixed emotions. I never do well when saying goodbye as I generally look at the ground and make every attempt to hide the fact I am holding back tears. I think I get this from my mother. I was at the U for just over 3 years, which doesn't sound like a lot, but as far as jobs go, it has some great people to work with; I will miss that a lot. Up until the U, I had bounced around from one tech job to another. The U offered stability and a great learning environment, I enjoyed that

A note for Ryan: I changed someone's keyboard...gotta keep that tradition alive.

2 out of 4

I will take that in Yankee Stadium. Weaver got his fifth game in and broke just over 17 innings pitched, what a joke. Morrow is talked about being pushed into a starter role, but it looks like the 22 year old is going to stay in the pen this season.

King Felix is set to return. He will pitch on May 15th for a home opener against the Angels. Ironically, that is when I will be in Seattle...hmmm.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Random Updates

Weaver needs to go to the pen, if not be released. He is horrible. I could post after every loss, but I very well could develop carpal tunnel. The M's have won 7 out of their last 8, not bad.

King Felix is set to return to the lineup this Friday in the Bronx. Coming off the DL and being thrown into the lions den in NY may not be the best start for him off the DL. If I owned him in fantasy, start him at your own risk.

Mid-season update. Since May started, I thought I would see how my picks are going for division leaders. (I know, plenty of baseball left)
AL East:
Leader: Red Sox Josh's pick: Red Sox
AL Central:
Leader: Indians Josh's pick: Indians
AL West:
Leader: Angels Josh's pick: Angels

NL East:
Leader: Braves Josh's pick: Mets
NL Central:
Leader: Brewers Josh's pick: Cards
NL East:
Leader: Dodgers Josh's pick: D-Backs

So my NL picks are not nearly as close as my AL picks, but as I stated above, a lot of baseball still to be had.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lowered his ERA to 15

Wow, never thought I would have that as a title. Weaver, again, ugh!









Weaver (L, 0-2)









At least he was in for 4 additional innings. This line score is almost exactly what he did against Boston. As whole unit, the M's have looked pretty good from what I have seen. Ichiro is starting to get some sort of swing back. But it would be nice to have a hitter on .300 in our everyday lineup. They are leading the AL West with a killer 5-4 record.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Moving Update

Dear Loyal Reader(s):

My wife and I are moving to the Seattle area in May. That is right, I will no longer be reporting on the Mariners from Salt Lake City, but directly from their hometown.

I have a job opportunity that I could not pass up that will take me to the Emerald City. It was a difficult decision to make since we have family in the SLC area. Family means a lot to both my wife and I as we move further away, we will increase the priority to see them.

My official start date is May 15th, so my blog may not have a lot of news between now and then. I will do what I can between now and then to give you my spin on the M's and maybe my fantasy teams progress.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


What a game! Thanks Ryan for the call. King Felix is earning his "King" title so far. In his 17 innings pitched, he has a 0.00 ERA and 18Ks. This kid is only 20, I hope we don't burn him out.