Wednesday, January 31, 2007

All these distractions?

I had a 2 hour meeting cancelled...yadda yadda yadda..I have time to blog.

I am not sure if you listen to sports talk radio, but the big topic, yes the #1 topic is not the furry flurby attached to Manning's back, but rather all the distractions of South Beach. These are men, someone can debate that, but they are in Miami for one purpose, to win a Super Bowl. On Feb 6th, they can hangout on South Beach with all their other "metro-sexual" friends, but until then, stay focused. I cannot believe that this is the #1 topic on sports talk radio. This almost makes me want to listen to "radio Right...the red arm of the legislative arm". Now I know why the "bus is coming home" bullshit from last year was the #1 story. Not a whole lot of gay beach front in January.

The M's have made the Weaver thing official. He is monopolizing the main homepage. Looking around at "Mariner nation", others seem to agree with me on the Weaver signing. Dare I predict a .500 season this year? If I keep it up, it has to happen eventually right? Better dust off the Fantasy baseball knowledge. I need to finish higher than 9th this season; of course I did beat Greg.

Monday, January 29, 2007

4 more days of smog

Hope everyone had a great weekend. The weather folks are telling us 4 more days, then this crud should be leaving the valley. For those readers in Missoula this air is just like a winter Missoula before they put the ban on wood burning fireplaces, it has been almost as bad as a summer fire season. Those of you that grew up in Missoula, I have a question. Before they banned wood burning fireplaces and stoves, didn't we average like 10 Stage 1 air days a winter? I recall the mountain lion giving away a lot of free bus days.

With the M's signing Weaver, Redman is probably no longer on the radar. I don't see the point since they established their 5 man rotation. I bet this would drive a nail of fear through any batting lineup:

King Felix
Jarrod Washburn
Horacio Ramirez
Miguel Batista
Jeff Weaver

...I am shaking in my boots.

With these less than stellar moves, I am still excited for the season to get underway.

Other "things that must go". The person who parks the shopping cart in the middle of the aisle. Then, as you try to get by, you receive a look that says "thanks for ruining my day because I had to move my cart."

On rare occasions, I listen to the Bob and Tom and show. The "thing that must go" with them is to stop laughing over and at their own jokes. It becomes annoying and one hell of a distraction. I only listen to hear what comics they are going to be interviewing.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Weaver...and its not Jared

I don't think adding Jeff was the best move we made. It puts a veteran into the 5th starting spot, bumping out Woods or Baek. Perhaps his "old" leadership will be helpful, but like I said before, he only had 1 good game, and that came in the World Series. This does not impress me because the M's are not going to make the World Series during his 1 year (8 mil) stint.

Friday, January 26, 2007

So much for Lawrence

Apparently the elder Weaver and Mark Redman are on our hit list.

Ugh and Mariner news updates

I arrived to work at the butt crack of dawn so I was able to get a lot done in time for me to enjoy a cup of company sludge and do some more blogging.

Why are we looking at Jeff Weaver? Jared, sure go after him with a vengeance, but not Jeff. Jeff has a good post-season. Yes, that is season. However, do not base his 1 game performance as something to gauge his career. If this rumor holds true, Jeff would be arriving on the M's staff with 2 winning records in 8 seasons. Talk about a fireball.

Mr. Diamond earring is back in our pen. For those of you that don't recall the Omar Vizquel and Arthur Rhodes "ow, my eyes!" incident, it was a bogus attempt on Omar's part. I like Art, he can really deliver. So does this mean that Jeff Nelson would be returning for yet another tour of duty with the M's?

Ichiro is officially our center fielder for the '07 season. I think this is a strong move. However, I think we will give up a few three baggers when hits go to deep right field this year. Ichiro has a gun for an arm and his presence alone made for many doubles that should have been triples.

I made it!

Whew, that was close. I am listed at bestestblogofalltime site; placed in the Sports and Fitness section. So apparently, I should apply some more focus to my blog besides beer, common courtesy and dog talk.

Beer of the week, part 2

Last night, my wife and I as well as a co-worker of my wife's went to the bayou. I decided to have a local cask brew first (Latter Day Stout), but after that I dived into a Spanish Peaks Black Dog.

Beer of the week part 2: Spanish Peaks Black Dog Ale. This is a classic Montana brew, but one that I have never reviewed so I thought I would give it a go. Black Dog has great color, leaning towards some deep red tones. The smell is a wonderful hoppy scent. The taste of this beer is different than the smell. The taste has a lot smooth malt flavors with a nice finish. I forgot how much I enjoyed this beer. Head retention was a bit weak, but overall, this beer is going to receive the MEARFT rating: Very drinkable.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Beer of the Week

This will be a new "segment" to the MEARFT blog. I do a majority of my 3.2% by weight (4% by volume) beer shopping at Smiths. I will be expanding to Wild Oates at an undetermined date. Information to look for in these segments: A link to either the brewery and/or I am doing this from my desk while making an attempt to review a beer from 2 days ago. I promise that these reviews will improve over time.

Beer of the Week: Lawson Creek Vanilla Cream Stout. Beeradvocates rates this as an American Stout, which could be their way of saying English Stout. English Stout is going to give you a creamier, smoother taste than say a Guinness. A great English Stout example is Sammie Smith...but I digress. The color of this Cream Stout is relatively clear and filled with warmer tones and hues; lighter than what a Stout beer should resemble. Your taste is going to be sweeter than what most will like, but yet not overwhelming like a fruity beer. Cream Ale would be a more accurate name. For me, this was a "drinkable" beer.


I appear to have a heavy hitter from the Boston/NY area. Interesting.......

Bush, things that must go and Jenny Craig

Not "W", but Reggie. I am disappointed to hear about these tapes surfacing with him taking some sort of money. Part of me is not surprised about this. I have come into recent contact with a D1-AA football player from back east. He told me that even at the D1-AA level; athletes always received "gifts". It might have been money, free services or free food. As a college student that has no job for income because of their desire to play sports, they would take anything given to them, he told me. Nothing in the line that Bush has been questioned in accepting, but gifts nonetheless. In the article: Who names their kid Michael Michaels?

In drive-up lines, whether it is the bank or fast food, I think people behind you should always turn off their headlights. What good does it bring to you to have those running and illuminating the back of the heads of those in front of you? What good does it do to blind the driver in front of you with your new Xeon headlights reflecting into his eyes from the outside rear view mirror? I drive a car 95% of my time, and I have always turned off my headlights in drive-ups. However, I have noticed that 100% of the people behind me do not. When I do drive my wife's Jeep into these places, I turn off the headlights, it just seems like an obviously nice thing to do. Feel free to add your own "things that must go" to the comment section. Today's theme: common courtesy.

Is it just me or has the service industry gone downhill? No matter what service we are requesting, (home delivered pizza to cable television/internet to car mechanics) I don't feel I can trust anyone, any more. The past couple of times I have gone to Taco Bell, I have ordered, they confirmed the correct order with me verbally, and I still have the wrong items in my to-go sack. We have issues with our internet connectivity where either my wife or I have had to miss work for a tech to arrive at the house. Of the 4 "appointments" we had setup, only twice did techs arrive. The other 2 times they did not arrive, Comcast informed me of incorrect dates that I had previously confirmed or the ticket number I was given is not valid. For whatever reason, I recall a time when you requested something, and it happened. I feel I need to “baby-sit “every situation, frustrating. I felt like pulling a Kramer with the cable guy, but decided against it.

Not a whole lot new on the M's front. No official word on the Brian Lawrence situation. On a "lighter" note, King Felix arrived in Seattle 20 pounds lighter. With the 20 year old showing such devotion to improving not only his health, but his strength, this season could be the glimpse of what all the hype was about. For you Fantasy owners out there, he could be the ONLY M's starter you want on your squad. The reason I say only, is because the other 4 are going to rely on some more run support, which is a huge question mark for this organization.

I need to start my annual harassment of my fantasy baseball commissioner. Last year I waited until February due to the success of the hawks in the playoffs. I am ready now for baseball to begin.

MLB and DirectTV have issued some exclusive blockbuster deal. I am not sure what this is about since almost all the good articles I have found require a paying membership. If anyone has a link to this, please let me know. I heard something about this interrupting the online service

Monday, January 22, 2007

Welcome Hawaii and New Zealand

Congrats to Peyton Manning and the rest of the boys. I was disappointed to see the Saints lose to the monsters of the midway. I have not seen any numbers yet, but I am guessing that the Bears are the favorite. I think the Colts stand a good chance to win. Obviously, they have the edge at QB. I am NOT a Grossman fan. If the colts can shutdown the run, they should win pretty easily.

Baseball is coming, time to get ready for fantasy. I read that Lawrence is coming off of rotator cuff surgery. I am not a fan of someone coming to the M's with this sort of arm problem. People can bounce back, and I hope that Lawrence can be one of those.

The inversion finally broke for a day in SLC, only to return yet again. The winters in SLC can be pretty bad from that standpoint. We have been in a "red" air condition for what seems to be over a week. One day of clear air was nice, but January is not a great month for the lungs of the SLC valley.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Welcome Australia and North Manitoba

I have my first visitors from Australia and Manitoba, how exciting. I know that Australia does have some Mariner fans since we have at least 2 players in our organization from there. Most spots on the map are a one-time hit, but it is still cool to see.

The M's are in the running for Brian Lawrence. He spent most of career with the Padres, but would be coming from the Nationals, just like our new DH, Vidro. His career in SoCal was a piddly 49-61 with a 4.11 ERA. We will see what the AL brings him in a pitchers park such as the Safe.

Bavasi is on the hot site for GM's. I must say, I am somewhat glad to hear this. I don't think he makes the best decisions. What we need is another Gillick-type GM.; someone that has built a World Series type club in the past.

Monday, January 15, 2007 what and Sportsbash Nation

I know I am late on this one, but still wanted to post this. So now that Ohio State was manhandled by Florida, what should the BCS do now? The people that look awesome are those that we all scoffed at by voting Florida into the #2 spot. Both Michigan and OSU did not look good in their bowl appearances. Where does BSU fit into all of this? Does anyone care now that it is over? Oh well, can't wait for next years BCS controversy.

Erik Kuselias says goodbye to Sportbash and onto a different ESPN show. John Seibel is your new host, I am not a huge fan of his, but perhaps he will grow on me. Erik always had great report with guests and make the conversations fun.

0-3 in playoff overtimes

As much as it pained me to see the Seahawks lose yesterday, I felt they played fairly well. I was disappointed with the lack of urgency shown by them at the end of the first half and regulation. Overall the defense played well. The Bears offense should have attempted to exploit the secondary a lot more, but when they did, it paid off for them.

Shut up about Grossman. Why the need for controversy and drama? I overall enjoy Buck as an announcer, and really miss his father, but every time the Bears offense took the field, he mentioned something dramatic about Grossman. Grossman has been the center of a made up QB controversy in my opinion. Romo and Bledsoe received less attention than this.

I was disappointed to see the Bolts lose; however, you really have to give props to Brady. What a clutch QB!

The Saints have a decent chance against the Bears. Bears with have the frozen tundra, but the hawks proved you can run and pass on this defense. The Saints defense is better than the Hawks defense, it will be important for them to hit Grossman in the mouth, early and often.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Dave Krieg, watchout!

What a wacky game that was last night. Both teams did not play all that well. I was proud of the Seahawk defense for doing a decent job against the run for 3 quarters. Julius Jones needs to take a chill pill.

On the field goal attempt, Romo technically fumbled twice. Of course the ground caused the last one. When Romo fumbled while being sacked earlier in the contest, I got the distinct impression he threw the ball more than fumbled, but I could be wrong. With as many fumbles as he has had in the last two games, Dave's fumble record could be in jeopardy.

Jeremy Stevens can catch the ball. It is about time! He still needs to do that for 3 more seasons before he should talk smack or have the right to do any end zone dance; but he played a very good game on Saturday.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

A coaches word

Apparently, when a coach says he has no intention of leaving his currently job, that means he actually does. I am sure money talks, blah blah blah. So, you have a 5 million a year contract with Miami, you leave for 'Bama for 32 mill over 8 year contract in guaranteed money. That would be hard for anyone to turn down. So, his words in December were only meant to not distract from the end of the regular season.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2 years!

Today marks the second year anniversary. Not much else to say other than that, just wanted to wish my blog a happy anniversary.