Monday, January 15, 2007

0-3 in playoff overtimes

As much as it pained me to see the Seahawks lose yesterday, I felt they played fairly well. I was disappointed with the lack of urgency shown by them at the end of the first half and regulation. Overall the defense played well. The Bears offense should have attempted to exploit the secondary a lot more, but when they did, it paid off for them.

Shut up about Grossman. Why the need for controversy and drama? I overall enjoy Buck as an announcer, and really miss his father, but every time the Bears offense took the field, he mentioned something dramatic about Grossman. Grossman has been the center of a made up QB controversy in my opinion. Romo and Bledsoe received less attention than this.

I was disappointed to see the Bolts lose; however, you really have to give props to Brady. What a clutch QB!

The Saints have a decent chance against the Bears. Bears with have the frozen tundra, but the hawks proved you can run and pass on this defense. The Saints defense is better than the Hawks defense, it will be important for them to hit Grossman in the mouth, early and often.


Ryan said...

Seattle's loss was a microcosm of their season: well-played, but injuries kept them from reaching their potential. They were unable to "hit Grossman in the mouth" because their top 3 DB's were out, which made the hot-read legible even to Grossman. Better corners would have been able to crowd the WR's more at the line, which would have forced Rex either to make a too-quick decision (which is usually what leads to him throwing picks) or take a sack. New Orleans should have better results at this, which is why they're going to their first-ever Super Bowl. You heard it here first.

Ryan said...

Well now, heh-heh... Methinks I need some Glass Plus for the ol' crystal ball. Had I known that Sean Payton would build a game plan around the pass for a blustery, snowy, muddy day at Soldier Field, I might not have been so eager to anoint the Saints as NFC Champs. Kudos to Lovie Smith and Off. Coord. Turner - with NO's speed rushers on the corner, building the offensive game plan around draws and delays to Cedric Benson was perfect, especially given the lack of good footing the speedy DE's had. I still have no idea why they kept giving Grossman chances to lose it for them when they were up by 2 TD's in the second half, but it worked out OK...