Monday, January 29, 2007

4 more days of smog

Hope everyone had a great weekend. The weather folks are telling us 4 more days, then this crud should be leaving the valley. For those readers in Missoula this air is just like a winter Missoula before they put the ban on wood burning fireplaces, it has been almost as bad as a summer fire season. Those of you that grew up in Missoula, I have a question. Before they banned wood burning fireplaces and stoves, didn't we average like 10 Stage 1 air days a winter? I recall the mountain lion giving away a lot of free bus days.

With the M's signing Weaver, Redman is probably no longer on the radar. I don't see the point since they established their 5 man rotation. I bet this would drive a nail of fear through any batting lineup:

King Felix
Jarrod Washburn
Horacio Ramirez
Miguel Batista
Jeff Weaver

...I am shaking in my boots.

With these less than stellar moves, I am still excited for the season to get underway.

Other "things that must go". The person who parks the shopping cart in the middle of the aisle. Then, as you try to get by, you receive a look that says "thanks for ruining my day because I had to move my cart."

On rare occasions, I listen to the Bob and Tom and show. The "thing that must go" with them is to stop laughing over and at their own jokes. It becomes annoying and one hell of a distraction. I only listen to hear what comics they are going to be interviewing.

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Ryan said...

Considering the fact that I have held 3 of those 5 pitchers on my fantasy baseball team in the last 2 years, I offer you my early condolences on the Mariners' season...

Saw another "thing that must go" on the train this morning - open-mouthed gum chewers. Seriously, is there anything that can automatically reduce peoples' expectation of your intelligence more than someone chewing their gum like a cow chews her cud, with tongue waggin out every other chew or three? People eating in restaurants giving a "see-food" show - same thing. Yuck.