Wednesday, January 31, 2007

All these distractions?

I had a 2 hour meeting cancelled...yadda yadda yadda..I have time to blog.

I am not sure if you listen to sports talk radio, but the big topic, yes the #1 topic is not the furry flurby attached to Manning's back, but rather all the distractions of South Beach. These are men, someone can debate that, but they are in Miami for one purpose, to win a Super Bowl. On Feb 6th, they can hangout on South Beach with all their other "metro-sexual" friends, but until then, stay focused. I cannot believe that this is the #1 topic on sports talk radio. This almost makes me want to listen to "radio Right...the red arm of the legislative arm". Now I know why the "bus is coming home" bullshit from last year was the #1 story. Not a whole lot of gay beach front in January.

The M's have made the Weaver thing official. He is monopolizing the main homepage. Looking around at "Mariner nation", others seem to agree with me on the Weaver signing. Dare I predict a .500 season this year? If I keep it up, it has to happen eventually right? Better dust off the Fantasy baseball knowledge. I need to finish higher than 9th this season; of course I did beat Greg.

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Ryan said...

Laying down the gauntlet...

I challenge you to get the words "I did beat Greg last year" into 6 more posts before the start of fantasy season. C'mon, you can do it!

I'm with you on the "distractions" story line. What a bunch of crap. These guys are making millions of dollars a year (OK, so some of the lesser players are in the hundreds of thousands) - can't they keep it in their pants for what is no doubt the biggest week of their careers? Stupid.