Thursday, January 25, 2007

Beer of the Week

This will be a new "segment" to the MEARFT blog. I do a majority of my 3.2% by weight (4% by volume) beer shopping at Smiths. I will be expanding to Wild Oates at an undetermined date. Information to look for in these segments: A link to either the brewery and/or I am doing this from my desk while making an attempt to review a beer from 2 days ago. I promise that these reviews will improve over time.

Beer of the Week: Lawson Creek Vanilla Cream Stout. Beeradvocates rates this as an American Stout, which could be their way of saying English Stout. English Stout is going to give you a creamier, smoother taste than say a Guinness. A great English Stout example is Sammie Smith...but I digress. The color of this Cream Stout is relatively clear and filled with warmer tones and hues; lighter than what a Stout beer should resemble. Your taste is going to be sweeter than what most will like, but yet not overwhelming like a fruity beer. Cream Ale would be a more accurate name. For me, this was a "drinkable" beer.

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