Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bush, things that must go and Jenny Craig

Not "W", but Reggie. I am disappointed to hear about these tapes surfacing with him taking some sort of money. Part of me is not surprised about this. I have come into recent contact with a D1-AA football player from back east. He told me that even at the D1-AA level; athletes always received "gifts". It might have been money, free services or free food. As a college student that has no job for income because of their desire to play sports, they would take anything given to them, he told me. Nothing in the line that Bush has been questioned in accepting, but gifts nonetheless. In the article: Who names their kid Michael Michaels?

In drive-up lines, whether it is the bank or fast food, I think people behind you should always turn off their headlights. What good does it bring to you to have those running and illuminating the back of the heads of those in front of you? What good does it do to blind the driver in front of you with your new Xeon headlights reflecting into his eyes from the outside rear view mirror? I drive a car 95% of my time, and I have always turned off my headlights in drive-ups. However, I have noticed that 100% of the people behind me do not. When I do drive my wife's Jeep into these places, I turn off the headlights, it just seems like an obviously nice thing to do. Feel free to add your own "things that must go" to the comment section. Today's theme: common courtesy.

Is it just me or has the service industry gone downhill? No matter what service we are requesting, (home delivered pizza to cable television/internet to car mechanics) I don't feel I can trust anyone, any more. The past couple of times I have gone to Taco Bell, I have ordered, they confirmed the correct order with me verbally, and I still have the wrong items in my to-go sack. We have issues with our internet connectivity where either my wife or I have had to miss work for a tech to arrive at the house. Of the 4 "appointments" we had setup, only twice did techs arrive. The other 2 times they did not arrive, Comcast informed me of incorrect dates that I had previously confirmed or the ticket number I was given is not valid. For whatever reason, I recall a time when you requested something, and it happened. I feel I need to “baby-sit “every situation, frustrating. I felt like pulling a Kramer with the cable guy, but decided against it.

Not a whole lot new on the M's front. No official word on the Brian Lawrence situation. On a "lighter" note, King Felix arrived in Seattle 20 pounds lighter. With the 20 year old showing such devotion to improving not only his health, but his strength, this season could be the glimpse of what all the hype was about. For you Fantasy owners out there, he could be the ONLY M's starter you want on your squad. The reason I say only, is because the other 4 are going to rely on some more run support, which is a huge question mark for this organization.

I need to start my annual harassment of my fantasy baseball commissioner. Last year I waited until February due to the success of the hawks in the playoffs. I am ready now for baseball to begin.

MLB and DirectTV have issued some exclusive blockbuster deal. I am not sure what this is about since almost all the good articles I have found require a paying membership. If anyone has a link to this, please let me know. I heard something about this interrupting the online service

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Ryan said...

I'm with you on the headlights in close quarters bit - very irritating.

My common courtesy addition would be out-and-out swearing and/or vulgar-themed clothing in public. On the train to work this morning, I saw a guy wearing a trucker hat that read "Hey F--K A$$, Buy Me a Beer". Now, don't get me wrong - it's mildly amusing in a college dormitory kind of way, but a 40-something rube (who was heading into the county courthouse building, incidentally) should have a bit more sense than to wear something that is going to be read by a lot of impressionable people (the train is used as a commuting mechanism for a LOT of Jr. High and High School students).

As for swearing, EVERY DAY that I'm on the train, there's at least one irreverent youth that's dropping the effenhiemer WAY too loudly while talking on his (or her) cell phone. I take my three-year-old daughter on the train with me quite often, and suffice it to say that she doesn't need to hear that garbage uttered nonchalantly in a public place.

Now, those of you who know me may think me hypocritical, since I'm as potty-mouthed as they come. But swearing in public and swearing at your local poker game, in IM sessions with buddies, etc., is VERY different. For the same reason that you might tell an off-color joke in the company of a handful of buddies, but you'd never do it in the lunchroom at work, swearing in public "must go" (in my opinion, anyway).