Friday, January 26, 2007

Ugh and Mariner news updates

I arrived to work at the butt crack of dawn so I was able to get a lot done in time for me to enjoy a cup of company sludge and do some more blogging.

Why are we looking at Jeff Weaver? Jared, sure go after him with a vengeance, but not Jeff. Jeff has a good post-season. Yes, that is season. However, do not base his 1 game performance as something to gauge his career. If this rumor holds true, Jeff would be arriving on the M's staff with 2 winning records in 8 seasons. Talk about a fireball.

Mr. Diamond earring is back in our pen. For those of you that don't recall the Omar Vizquel and Arthur Rhodes "ow, my eyes!" incident, it was a bogus attempt on Omar's part. I like Art, he can really deliver. So does this mean that Jeff Nelson would be returning for yet another tour of duty with the M's?

Ichiro is officially our center fielder for the '07 season. I think this is a strong move. However, I think we will give up a few three baggers when hits go to deep right field this year. Ichiro has a gun for an arm and his presence alone made for many doubles that should have been triples.

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