Thursday, January 18, 2007

Welcome Australia and North Manitoba

I have my first visitors from Australia and Manitoba, how exciting. I know that Australia does have some Mariner fans since we have at least 2 players in our organization from there. Most spots on the map are a one-time hit, but it is still cool to see.

The M's are in the running for Brian Lawrence. He spent most of career with the Padres, but would be coming from the Nationals, just like our new DH, Vidro. His career in SoCal was a piddly 49-61 with a 4.11 ERA. We will see what the AL brings him in a pitchers park such as the Safe.

Bavasi is on the hot site for GM's. I must say, I am somewhat glad to hear this. I don't think he makes the best decisions. What we need is another Gillick-type GM.; someone that has built a World Series type club in the past.

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