Monday, January 22, 2007

Welcome Hawaii and New Zealand

Congrats to Peyton Manning and the rest of the boys. I was disappointed to see the Saints lose to the monsters of the midway. I have not seen any numbers yet, but I am guessing that the Bears are the favorite. I think the Colts stand a good chance to win. Obviously, they have the edge at QB. I am NOT a Grossman fan. If the colts can shutdown the run, they should win pretty easily.

Baseball is coming, time to get ready for fantasy. I read that Lawrence is coming off of rotator cuff surgery. I am not a fan of someone coming to the M's with this sort of arm problem. People can bounce back, and I hope that Lawrence can be one of those.

The inversion finally broke for a day in SLC, only to return yet again. The winters in SLC can be pretty bad from that standpoint. We have been in a "red" air condition for what seems to be over a week. One day of clear air was nice, but January is not a great month for the lungs of the SLC valley.

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Bluefin said...

I am jealous of your global influence