Thursday, February 08, 2007

one more week!

Pitchers and catcher report next week, I am excited. I would be more excited if my Fantasy baseball commish would get off his lazy ass and sign up our league. I beat Greg last year.

Nothing big on the M's website or in the M's rumor news. They made some trade for some minor league players with Detroit. Sounds like we have a decent OF coming our way, and it cost us a decent pitcher. Other than that, I have no opinion on this.

Fantasy ranking are emerging, so that means I should probably do the same with will be called "MEARFT 2nd Annual Bullcrap Predictions". These will be done by Mid-March (see if I can make that prediction of when my predictions will be). To see how I did last year...hint, click on year. Apparently I was wrong on Bush going to the Texans. Only need to read the first 6 or so, the others just drown on and on about worthless crap that has run its course.

Pieces out!

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