Sunday, February 11, 2007

Self Check-out

I recently returned from the grocery store where I purchased 20 or so items. The person behind me had 2 bananas. Yes, 2. Not 2 pounds, not 20 pounds, but 2 individual items. The Smiths that I go to has 4 self check-out lanes. At the time I noticed the lady behind, 1 of the self check lanes was in use.

I understand the frustration of the self check-out lane as it yells at you to "place the item in the bag" even when it is already placed in the bag, requiring the "over-worked" attended doing their best "W leaning on the podium" stance to clear the computers frustration. I hold my self-check out to about 8 items, max.

At any other grocery story lacking a self check out lane or express lane, I would have allowed the person to go ahead of me….not in this case.

If you are trying to buy 2 frickin' bananas don't blame me for holing up the line when the self check out is wide open.


brandy night rocks said...

No comments on self-checkout, but check THIS out.

I was at the grocery last night to buy the little lady a valentine, and who do you suppose I ran into? That's right, the little lady. So I hid my valentine real quick-like.

This morning, I got no valentine from her. She said, "I ran into you last night at the store, so I forgot to get you a valentine's card." No big deal, but I just wondered what might have happened if the shoe (or card) had been on the other foot (or hand).


Bluefin said...

I have kind of gotten over the whole self-checkout thing. We don't have them here for groceries, which might make a difference. I mostly use them here at Home Depot, and they have theirs dialed in real sharpish. The things hardly complain at you unless you are putting in a light plastic paint tray that weighs .125ounces.

Given that all Home Depot hires as checkout staff are people for whom the notion of English is as a future, distantly future second language, or Octogenarians, those unnattended checkout lanes look like Nirvana.