Friday, February 16, 2007


Cowher is going to be a football analyst for CBS. Boy, I am shocked and awed by this. This was eluded to during Super Bowl coverage, plus we all know what "spend more time with the family means." All that is a regrouping phrase that people use when the are getting tired of something and want to reevaluate.

Apparently, this years goal of the M's is to throw strikes. Funny, I am surprised that is not our goal every year. I listened to a few games last year as well as watched the "game center" online. Our hurlers did achieve a lot of 3-1 counts on batters. I am not sure if our stellar starting five can produce strikes but the pen seemed pretty good at this. I think with Reistman setting up for Putz, we could have a great setup/save combination. The weak link will be run support.

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brandy night rock said...

Throw more strikes? BRILLIANT! It's almost like the M's asked Madden for some keys to victory.