Thursday, February 01, 2007

Super Bowl

It is about time I made my prediction for the battle on Sunday. Who I am rooting for and who I am picking to win are two different teams.

The Bears are going to win, and here is why. They have the advantage in 3 areas: Defense, special teams, and running game. Even is Hester only has a 30 or 40 yard returns, he will be putting a mediocre offense into some type of scoring range. We know the defense for the Bears is good, and will do what they can to keep Manning in check.

Having Jones and Benson in the backfield is a better combo than Addai and Rhodes. The Seahawks were able to run on the defense, however, Addai and Rhodes are going to have their work cut out for them.

You cannot compare passers. Comparing Manning to Grossman would be like comparing Brian Bosworth to Dick Butkus or Mike just can't. Grossman needs to have a Dilfer type game for them to win. No more than 20 passes, maybe 12 completions for around a buck 75. The key to the Bears victory will be no INTs. The more INTs thrown the more chances Manning has to dismantle the Bears.

I am rooting for the Colts, I cannot stand the Bears. I have been a Manning fan since he entered the NFL. The boy has talent and should not be judged on his ability to win the big one. Don't you think Marion, after all these years, gets tired of hearing that bullshit? In large part since they beat the Seahawks...I still dislike Pittsburgh.

Don't be surprised to see the Colts use the TE a lot more this game. With Urlacher covering the slot receiver a lot, the TE should have a slower LB covering him if he is covered at all. The TE option will play rather large on LB blitz plays as a quick out.

One last prediction, if the Bears win, the WR as an MVP winner streak will stop with Hester. If the Colts win, Manning is about your only good option here. A WR probably won't win it, since Manning will be aiding in that.

My Final prediction: No lineman will score a touchdown on Sunday.

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brandy night rock said...

I don't like your analysis. But hard to disagree.

My prediction: temperatures in the 80s with a 100% chance of Brian Urlacher's head looking like a foreskin. Fuck the fucking Bears.