Monday, February 05, 2007

Way to go Colts!

So, Hester had 1 play that was all. They respected Hester so much, they gave the Bears the ball close to their own 35 each kickoff. What did the Bears offense do with it? Not much.

I thought the Colts defense really stepped up this game. This defense look horrid during the regular season, but the playoffs has been a different story. I go so far to say, the Colts, as a whole, played more aggressively and physically than the Bears.

Let’s examine the road the Colts took. They had to play probably the best defense in the Ravens, and play them in Baltimore. Then in the Super Bowl they defeated probably the #2 ranked defense in the league. I would say they beat them down. The Bears offense didn't help either with “3 and out” type series. Instead of trying to move the chains, the Bears offense was having a crappy quarterback rely on the long ball. The games not as close as the score indicated. The Bears defense did make some big stops in the redzone.

Onto baseball!

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