Friday, March 16, 2007

AL East

Red Sox -
Yanks 1
Blue Jays 3
D-Rays 4
Orioles 10

Boston Red Sox: This is always the hardest to pick, Boston or New York. I am going with Boston to finish atop the East. I am giving the Sox first place, because I see a slight edge in the pitching department. What will Dice-K be like; no one is going to actually know. We also need to see what Papelbon will do as a starter. As of now, there is no set closer for this group. Offensively, a new face will be leading off this year in Julio Lugo, always a threat to steal some bases. Pedroia at second is not a power hitter, but should be on base, probably going to hit .280-.290. Of course, you have Ortiz and Manny.

NY Yankees: I am interested to see what Abreu is going to do this year. With Sheffield off to the Tigers, Abreu on paper should fill in nicely. Pitching is strong; they lost 1 40+ year old but gained another in Pettitte. So far this spring, the pitching import Igawa has been inconsistent. This is to be expected making the transition over to the MLB. Again, the Sox/Yanks games should be ones to watch.

Toronto Blue Jays: I think if you put the Blue Jays in the West division they could win every year; the same may be said for the central. They have great pitching and some decent hitting. My favorite pitcher for Toronto is Chacin, he has been fairly consistent, next to Halladay of course, as long as he can stay healthy. The pitchers for the Jays all seem to be having decent springs that could bow well.

Tampa Bay D-Rays: This is a team waiting to break out. Kazmir is a great talent to anchor their starting rotation. For being on a bad team, he is able to still able to have a winning career record. They have a new 3Dman in Iwamura. He sat out a game this spring due to fatigue. This is a concern to me, since the season is 162 games long. He does come with a fair amount of promise and potential, I hope it pays off. Crawford and Wigginton are your fantasy players of choice on the offensive side of the ball.

Baltimore Orioles: There is no telling what this team is going to do. Having Sosa on your team is not really a good thing. Offensively, this team looks really good; however, consistent pitching will be the death of them. I am sure they will bring up plenty of talent from AAA to take a stab at pitching. Take anyone that plays the field in fantasy, you really cannot go wrong.

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Justin the Hero said...

What day is it where you live? You need to reset your clock for two years ahead. Sosa doesn't play for my O's anymore.