Wednesday, March 21, 2007

AL West

Angels -
M’s 2
A’s 3
Rangers 8

Playoff teams:

Angels of Orange County: This is the team to beat in the AL West. The right side of the infield has some promise and potential in Kendrick and Kotchman. Kotchman has been hitting with power this spring and could help protect Guerrero in the lineup. Pitching is in good working order. Jered Weaver should be over any bicep problems by the time his first start of the season rolls around.

Seattle Mariners: I have been critical the entire off-season on the mediocre acquisitions made. My thoughts have not changed. I can repaeat the washed up comment from the Rangers, but that would just require more typing. At least, this is how I feel about those players that will take the field. The bright spots to watch are going to be King Felix and J.J. Putz at pitching. I am still a huge fan of what we have going on defensively.

Oakland A’s: Bye-bye Zito, have fun in SanFran. Zito has had some sub-par seasons recently and the A’s still find ways to win. Harden will return to the mound in good working order. Offensively, not much has changed so a good chance to repeat as AL West champs could occur.

Texas Rangers: Offense is what puts the Rangers in the #1 spot. The infield is littered with proven and unproven power. The outfield is lacking some pop at the plate in terms of RBI’s. The current starting 3 had a total of 107 RBI’s last season, compared to Mark Teixeira who had 110. Pitching, they appear to be a bunch of older vets that were let go because their old teams perhaps considered them washed up. McCarthy could be the bright spot for this rotation. It will be interesting to see what Gagne can do in the closer role.

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