Wednesday, May 30, 2007

May update

We arrived on Saturday. I was a bit sad to leave the old house. I will miss a lot of the aspects that the house/yard offered. The hardest part was leaving family. I am horrible with goodbye's and it showed when we left.

Our stuff should be in the house his Thursday. It was the last possible date, in a range that we were given, for our stuff to arrive. I am looking forward to not sitting on the floor.

The M's looked like the M's of old last night, with no run support. However, overall they are doing well on this road trip. They were 4 games over .500, something that sadly has not happened in like 4 years. Sexson is starting to show signs of some greatness, but is still overrated in my book. The person I want to see heat up is Beltre, he has the best potential to offer the team.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The King has entered the building

The M's offense came through in a big way last night. (Sorry Ryan, they had him on a pitch count but still a nice FA pickup.) Felix looked really good, with a few mistakes the Angels capitalized on, all in all, a good performance. Felix did not look like the pitcher that shutout the Red Sox, but he did show signs. It was to be expected coming off a rest such as he did.

I think another story, and perhaps a better one, is Sean White. He relieved Felix and only threw 39 pitches to 13 batters; what an average, 3 pitchers per batter! He pitched for 4.1 innings and earned the win.

I looked forward to being able to watch tonights game as well.

Monday, May 14, 2007

BOTW: Utah

I have really falling behind on my "beer of the week" post. To make up for it, I thought I would list some of the beers of Utah that I have enjoyed. Basically, I never ran into an Utah beer I did not like. Some of the following listed will be either breweries and beers or just breweries.

Moab Brewery - Dead Horse Ale
Moab Brewery - Scorpion Ale
Uinta - Cutthroat Ale (Won a bronze medal at the GABF)
Wasatch - Polygamy Porter "Take some home to the wives" and "Why have just one?"
Wasatch - St. Provo Girl
Wasatch - First Amendment Lager
Squatters - Chasing Tail
Red Rock Brewery (Downtown)
Hoppers Brewery (Midvale - Woohoo!)
The Porcupine (Cottonwood Heights)
Roosters (Ogden) you can find their beer at the Bayou.
The Bohemian (Midvale - Woohoo!)

That is all that is coming off the top of my head right now. As I return to visit, I will do a better job if making BOTW's for Utah beers.

Onto beers of the NW...

Moving updates

I did not want to jinx anything, so I waited in updating folks on our move. Our house in Utah sold in 1 day. Well, technically it took 4, but after 12 hours on the market we had 2 offers. After the first weekend, we had 5. That really feels good.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Not an NBA follower, but...

I did watch the Jazz game last night. It was a very good game to watch. The Jazz actually play basketball, I was mildly surprised and enjoyed watching the Jazz take a 2-0 lead. I almost want to follow the NBA again, but I doubt that will happen.

I see Weaver is starting yet again for the M's today. Why? He gave up 3 ER in the first inning and a 4th in the 2nd. Hard to have your offense save you when you put them in a huge deficit to begin with.

We are almost ready for the movers. Just putting the finishing touches on a few items before I take off on Sunday for the Great Wet Northwest.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The days after...

Last Friday was my last day working at the U. It was with a lot of mixed emotions. I never do well when saying goodbye as I generally look at the ground and make every attempt to hide the fact I am holding back tears. I think I get this from my mother. I was at the U for just over 3 years, which doesn't sound like a lot, but as far as jobs go, it has some great people to work with; I will miss that a lot. Up until the U, I had bounced around from one tech job to another. The U offered stability and a great learning environment, I enjoyed that

A note for Ryan: I changed someone's keyboard...gotta keep that tradition alive.

2 out of 4

I will take that in Yankee Stadium. Weaver got his fifth game in and broke just over 17 innings pitched, what a joke. Morrow is talked about being pushed into a starter role, but it looks like the 22 year old is going to stay in the pen this season.

King Felix is set to return. He will pitch on May 15th for a home opener against the Angels. Ironically, that is when I will be in Seattle...hmmm.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Random Updates

Weaver needs to go to the pen, if not be released. He is horrible. I could post after every loss, but I very well could develop carpal tunnel. The M's have won 7 out of their last 8, not bad.

King Felix is set to return to the lineup this Friday in the Bronx. Coming off the DL and being thrown into the lions den in NY may not be the best start for him off the DL. If I owned him in fantasy, start him at your own risk.

Mid-season update. Since May started, I thought I would see how my picks are going for division leaders. (I know, plenty of baseball left)
AL East:
Leader: Red Sox Josh's pick: Red Sox
AL Central:
Leader: Indians Josh's pick: Indians
AL West:
Leader: Angels Josh's pick: Angels

NL East:
Leader: Braves Josh's pick: Mets
NL Central:
Leader: Brewers Josh's pick: Cards
NL East:
Leader: Dodgers Josh's pick: D-Backs

So my NL picks are not nearly as close as my AL picks, but as I stated above, a lot of baseball still to be had.