Monday, May 14, 2007

BOTW: Utah

I have really falling behind on my "beer of the week" post. To make up for it, I thought I would list some of the beers of Utah that I have enjoyed. Basically, I never ran into an Utah beer I did not like. Some of the following listed will be either breweries and beers or just breweries.

Moab Brewery - Dead Horse Ale
Moab Brewery - Scorpion Ale
Uinta - Cutthroat Ale (Won a bronze medal at the GABF)
Wasatch - Polygamy Porter "Take some home to the wives" and "Why have just one?"
Wasatch - St. Provo Girl
Wasatch - First Amendment Lager
Squatters - Chasing Tail
Red Rock Brewery (Downtown)
Hoppers Brewery (Midvale - Woohoo!)
The Porcupine (Cottonwood Heights)
Roosters (Ogden) you can find their beer at the Bayou.
The Bohemian (Midvale - Woohoo!)

That is all that is coming off the top of my head right now. As I return to visit, I will do a better job if making BOTW's for Utah beers.

Onto beers of the NW...

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