Wednesday, May 30, 2007

May update

We arrived on Saturday. I was a bit sad to leave the old house. I will miss a lot of the aspects that the house/yard offered. The hardest part was leaving family. I am horrible with goodbye's and it showed when we left.

Our stuff should be in the house his Thursday. It was the last possible date, in a range that we were given, for our stuff to arrive. I am looking forward to not sitting on the floor.

The M's looked like the M's of old last night, with no run support. However, overall they are doing well on this road trip. They were 4 games over .500, something that sadly has not happened in like 4 years. Sexson is starting to show signs of some greatness, but is still overrated in my book. The person I want to see heat up is Beltre, he has the best potential to offer the team.


Bill said...

Welcome back to NW! We'll have to plan some joint trips soon.

Anonymous said...

Our series starts on Monday. Go catch a game for me. My shitty offense against your shitty pitching, and your abysmal offense against my abysmal pitching. Should be a tight series.