Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Random Updates

Weaver needs to go to the pen, if not be released. He is horrible. I could post after every loss, but I very well could develop carpal tunnel. The M's have won 7 out of their last 8, not bad.

King Felix is set to return to the lineup this Friday in the Bronx. Coming off the DL and being thrown into the lions den in NY may not be the best start for him off the DL. If I owned him in fantasy, start him at your own risk.

Mid-season update. Since May started, I thought I would see how my picks are going for division leaders. (I know, plenty of baseball left)
AL East:
Leader: Red Sox Josh's pick: Red Sox
AL Central:
Leader: Indians Josh's pick: Indians
AL West:
Leader: Angels Josh's pick: Angels

NL East:
Leader: Braves Josh's pick: Mets
NL Central:
Leader: Brewers Josh's pick: Cards
NL East:
Leader: Dodgers Josh's pick: D-Backs

So my NL picks are not nearly as close as my AL picks, but as I stated above, a lot of baseball still to be had.

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