Monday, June 25, 2007

Welcome back Griffey

It was an interesting baseball weekend here in Seattle. The town, and probably the M's, were too distracted on Friday night to actually play baseball. Safeco was built by the efforts he put forth in the Kingdome; he deserves a spot in every Mariner heart.

I was glad to see us take the series and Griffey homered, not once but twice yesterday. I wish I could had made one of the games, but it was still enjoyable to witness this return on our TV. I forgot how much I missed his signature batting stance and smooth swing.

Now that is over, lets catch the Angels!

BOTW: Thirsty Bear Brewing Company

Thirsty Bear is located in San Francisco and a good beer stop in the city. I sampled 3 beers for the evening, here we go.

Golden Vanilla: Strong vanilla in the middle and after taste, but dissolves to a smooth malty finish. I was glad to try it, but if I don't have this beer again, I am okay with that.

Rating : Drinkable

Meyer ESB: Not your typical bitter when you think of what "bitter" should mean. No lingering bitterness but rather smooth hoppy taste. Very hoppy on the nose, it smelled great! The hops will linger in the after taste.

Rating: Very drinkable

Brown Bear: Classic British-style amber ale with robust and malty body. You really taste the deep roast of the malt throughout this beer. The malt taste grows as the beer physically disappears. A great beer

Rating: Very drinkable

My favorite had to be the ESB. I am not a huge fan of bitter beers but this one seemed to lack that bittering punch in the mouth, but rather used the hops to really draw out the finer taste of the Meyer ESB.

BOTW: Washington Brewers Festival

It has been awhile since I last blogged about a beer, and this post is coming to you a week delayed. Two weeks ago, we attended that Washington Brewers Festival, it was the second annual. 61 breweries were on "tap" for this event, from all over the country, but mostly a NW theme. Since we did hit 7 places, I did not remember all the tastes that we experienced, so I am just going to list them. For the record, all beers I tried were good.

Here are the beers that we consumed in our quest to hit all 61:

Laughing Dog Brewing - Sandpoint, ID
Devil Dog - Imperial IPA
Huckleberry Cream Ale - Fruit

Big Sky Brewing - Missoula, MT
Moose Drool - Brown Ale
Summer Honey - Seasonal Ale

Lang Creek Brewery - Marion, MT
Hop Zeppelin - Imperial Pilsner
Manderin Orange - Hefeweizen (our least favorite)

Widmer Brothers Brewing Co - Portland, OR
Drop Top Amber Ale - Amber
W '07 Pale ale - Pale Ale

North Coast Brewing Co - Fort Bragg, CA
Brother Thelonious - Abbey Ale

Roslyn Brewing Co - Roslyn, WA
Brookside Beer - German Pale Lager
Roslyn Beer - German Dark Larger

Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Co - Snoqualmie, WA
Summer Beer - Summer Ale

Wyder's Cider - Oakland, CA
Wyder's Pear Cider - hard cider

For the 3rd annual I will keep more notes with me.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Damn Cubs

I knew this road trip was going too well, we were due to lose some close games. So far in June, the M's have been involved in 10, 1 run games out of a possible 13 games played to date. Of those 10 games, we have won 7 of them. I wonder what Houston will bring?

Update: Thanks Ryan for the comment, it did forget to mention that. Very impressive stat.

BOTW, I have fallen way behind on this. You would think that since I am now in the NW, I would have a BOTW if not, BOTD. I thought that BOTH(our) would be a bit of overkill.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Verlander's No-No and other rookies

Verlander did it! In only his second full season, he pitched a no-hitter. I have been high on this kid since he entered the league. Now, pitching 1 no-hitter does not prove my points on Verlander, but it can't hurt. The kid can throw over 100, I hope his arm can last.

Lincecum is doing okay for the Giants. He has a wacky delivery and some motion on this pitches. The sad part, in 7 starts he is 2-0. He has been somewhat roughed up at times, but this kid has what it takes to own the majors. Run support has been the main concern. If you can, get to a Giants game, not for Bonds, but for Lincecum.

Carmona for the Indians is having a reverse season from last year at 7-2 with a 3.17 ERA. This kid is another one you have to watch out for. As long as the Indians can keep him on the team, and with the run support they provide, he should also have a long a prosperous career with the tribe.

Wow, what a game!

Thanks to what should be known as the "Barrett Bobble" in the 13th, the M's take their 5th straight game and put up an impressive 9-2 record thus far in June. It was cool to see the M's play in Wrigley. One other impressive note, all the runs in the 13th were generated with 2 outs.

The bullpen has been spot on during this run as well. Davis, O'Flaherty, Sherril and Putz all did well last night. Morrow was the one that struggled a bit, loading the bases. Putz was also able to pitch out of his jam in the 13th to go 19/19 in saves and saves opps. It would be nice to have the starters last a bit longer and give the pen a rest.

The M's are a bit cardiac right now, but yet fun to watch.

Monday, June 11, 2007

June Standings update

Since I did this in May, lets review for June (I am bit late, blame that on moving, new job, and whatever else):

AL East:
Boston -
NY 9.5
TOR 10.0
Balt 11.5
TB 11.5

J's Pick:

AL Central:
Cleveland -
Detroit 1.5
Minn 7.0
Chicago 9.0

J's Pick:

AL West:
Orange County -
M's 4.5
A's 5.0

J's Pick:

NL East:
ATL 2.5
Philly 5.0
FLA 6.5

J's Pick:

NL Central:
BrewCrew -
Cards 5.5
Chicago 6.0
'Stros 7.5
Pirates 8.0

J's Pick:

NL West:
Padres -
DBacks -
Dodgers 1.5

J's Pick:

Things have improved a lot since the May tally was run. Kind of exciting, we have some fun races to is only June.

Get out the brooms

Whew, we swept the Padres with 3, one-run games. We watched a couple of them. I am glad to see the M's come through in these close games. All 3 of them required some "small ball" which is nice to see them do, especially on the road. J.J. continues his mastery of 9th/11th innings saves.

The M's have once again made a commitment to pitching. In this years draft, we selected a lanky kid from the great white north, Phillippe Aumont. I am glad to see the M's put worth a drive to improve our pitching through the farm system. In fact, they matched their total from last year, 34 pitchers. Eventually, we will need to acquire some offense, but we only have King Felix right now, and perhaps Ramierez for starters. Along with the 34 pichers drafted, they also selected eight infielders, eight outfielders and one catcher.

Less than 2 weeks before Griffey returns to the stadium he helped build.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

2 outa 3

So much for our sweep over the hapless O's. So I guess "Justin" was right, the O's do suck. The M's are doing what they can to remain over .500. Jarod Washburn is now the starting pitcher in question. However, since removing Weaver from our starting rotation we have been doing very well. I think that Jarod, overall, is not a bad pitcher, but hit a bad string of luck. At least, that is what I keep telling myself.

It is currently overcast today in the Sound area. I am still adjusting to this working from home bit, it is somewhat challenging. However, the coffee is a lot better than it ever was at the office.

Went to the M's game last Friday. Again, I saw Washburn pitch and not pitch well. The M's went through the entire bullpen, or so it seemed. It was a lot of fun and a close game, had the chance to see both Sosa and Gagne as well as Ichiro break a Mariner record for his hitting streak.