Monday, June 25, 2007

BOTW: Thirsty Bear Brewing Company

Thirsty Bear is located in San Francisco and a good beer stop in the city. I sampled 3 beers for the evening, here we go.

Golden Vanilla: Strong vanilla in the middle and after taste, but dissolves to a smooth malty finish. I was glad to try it, but if I don't have this beer again, I am okay with that.

Rating : Drinkable

Meyer ESB: Not your typical bitter when you think of what "bitter" should mean. No lingering bitterness but rather smooth hoppy taste. Very hoppy on the nose, it smelled great! The hops will linger in the after taste.

Rating: Very drinkable

Brown Bear: Classic British-style amber ale with robust and malty body. You really taste the deep roast of the malt throughout this beer. The malt taste grows as the beer physically disappears. A great beer

Rating: Very drinkable

My favorite had to be the ESB. I am not a huge fan of bitter beers but this one seemed to lack that bittering punch in the mouth, but rather used the hops to really draw out the finer taste of the Meyer ESB.

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