Monday, June 11, 2007

Get out the brooms

Whew, we swept the Padres with 3, one-run games. We watched a couple of them. I am glad to see the M's come through in these close games. All 3 of them required some "small ball" which is nice to see them do, especially on the road. J.J. continues his mastery of 9th/11th innings saves.

The M's have once again made a commitment to pitching. In this years draft, we selected a lanky kid from the great white north, Phillippe Aumont. I am glad to see the M's put worth a drive to improve our pitching through the farm system. In fact, they matched their total from last year, 34 pitchers. Eventually, we will need to acquire some offense, but we only have King Felix right now, and perhaps Ramierez for starters. Along with the 34 pichers drafted, they also selected eight infielders, eight outfielders and one catcher.

Less than 2 weeks before Griffey returns to the stadium he helped build.

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