Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Verlander's No-No and other rookies

Verlander did it! In only his second full season, he pitched a no-hitter. I have been high on this kid since he entered the league. Now, pitching 1 no-hitter does not prove my points on Verlander, but it can't hurt. The kid can throw over 100, I hope his arm can last.

Lincecum is doing okay for the Giants. He has a wacky delivery and some motion on this pitches. The sad part, in 7 starts he is 2-0. He has been somewhat roughed up at times, but this kid has what it takes to own the majors. Run support has been the main concern. If you can, get to a Giants game, not for Bonds, but for Lincecum.

Carmona for the Indians is having a reverse season from last year at 7-2 with a 3.17 ERA. This kid is another one you have to watch out for. As long as the Indians can keep him on the team, and with the run support they provide, he should also have a long a prosperous career with the tribe.

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Ryan said...

Not only can Verlander hit 100, he hit 102 IN THE NINTH INNING. Insane.