Monday, June 25, 2007

Welcome back Griffey

It was an interesting baseball weekend here in Seattle. The town, and probably the M's, were too distracted on Friday night to actually play baseball. Safeco was built by the efforts he put forth in the Kingdome; he deserves a spot in every Mariner heart.

I was glad to see us take the series and Griffey homered, not once but twice yesterday. I wish I could had made one of the games, but it was still enjoyable to witness this return on our TV. I forgot how much I missed his signature batting stance and smooth swing.

Now that is over, lets catch the Angels!


Montana1 said...


I was at the Sox/Ms game last night. Pretty good for you and pretty sad for the Sox. On the Griffey thing, I have to say that folks in Seattle are a bit whack. Man, listening to sports talk radio in Seattle, I thought Griffey was the second coming of Jesus! It was more than over the top. At least a columnist in the Seattle Post set the record straight this morning. He said the Ms need pitching, not a 37 year old part time player. We laughed all day listening to the Griffey love fest on the radio. Seattle's a great town. I hope you're enjoying it.

Bill said...

Flem, you need this.