Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Post 300 and CLOSED to the PUBLIC?!!!!

I am going to bitch about Seahawk training camp closed to the Public. The reason: they moved training camp to team HQ in Kirkland which happens to be in the heart of a residential district...and a nice one at that. So, those fans that wanted to attend training camp that have never made the trek to Cheney, WA (yours truly) have to wait one more year for them to move to a facility in Renton.

I am not sure if the team is moving all its stuff (HQ, training, fields, etc) to Renton, or just moving summer camp. That is fine by me actually, Renton is about 10 miles from my house and saves me from dealing with 405 traffic. I just hope they leave this event free to the public, that is part of the fun.

Oh, and this is post #300. Woohoo!

What are we doing!?

For such a hot June, the team is now 8-8 with Mac at the helm. I am not blaming Mclaren, but since he has taken over, our bats have gone cold and our pitchers are giving up the long ball. Thankfully, the Angle are also losing.

A bigger concern is the Yankee's in the wild card race. They are starting their late summer push and that is always scary. The yanks have a fairly simple schedule the next 10 days while the M's are facing division foes and the Red Sox. Most of these games are at home, but I don't think that matters too much.

We do have tickets to see one game from each series. I am taking my parents to their first ever Safeco game this Sunday for "Turn back the clock day". Just for kicks, I will be wearing a Griffey jersey, since I do not have an Alvin Davis, Harold Reynolds, Mark Langston or even a Dave Henderson one to flaunt.

The M's have a "twilight" doublehead today in humid Arlington. We really need a day sweep to get of the losing track. Felix needs to mature a bit on the mound. Yes, the ump gave him a terrible call in Toronto, you have to admit, but what he needs to learn to do is bounce back and keep going after batters...I guess he is only 20.

A simple correction

The RCOTW was a Dodge Caliber, not the Magnum as initially thought. Sorry, not a big Dodge guy so forgive the oversight. I will let you know what cars are offered out of Reno.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

I made it!

During my travels to Boston last week I was able to cross off one of my baseball goals, to watch a game in Fenway. I actually made it twice.

The first time, we sat behind first base in the grandstands, not bad. We waited until after the game started and got face value seats.

The second game, we sat Row 1 of the Monster seats. This was an amazing view and the best part, my friend got them for free.

Fenway, what a place! Where else do thousands of people sing "Sweet Caroline"? (Don't say a Neil Diamond concert)

Monday, July 16, 2007

RCOTW: Dodge Magnum

(Rental car of the week)
I had a Dodge Magnum last week in FLA. It was squirrelly as hell and had a bad blind spot over the passenger side. Our course I was driving a rental with 7500 miles on it, so you know that car was not nursed along. This also had the "lower" end engine, so it drove like a gutless turd.

I think when you fly to the Miami area, you enter the "Miami Vice" theme of living all over again. The 80's version, not the "bomb of a movie" version...bomb as in bad.

A split and a large bump on the knee

It is tough to beat Verlander, and probably even harder to take 96 MPH pitch in the knee. Odd, to the best of my knowledge, Ichiro has only been injured twice in his career. Thanks to an Angel's loss, we are still 3 games back. Now is the time for use to heat up. I wonder if Ichiro needs to spend any time on the DL if they will use this to bring up Adam Jones. He has been labeled as the #1 prospect in the M's org and is currently tearing it up in AAA.

We will see if Ichiro's contract "ruins" baseball. Not sure if all of you heard the GM for the Marlin's comments, but I would think buying and have a fire sale of a team would be evidence to the "ruin" of baseball, not signing Ichiro...but what do I know. The Marlins only fired last years NL Manager of year. Yes, they do have 2 WS titles to the M's goose egg, but think of what they did to get those 2 WS. Signing Ichiro to a lucrative deal does not compare.

On to Boston this week. I wonder what type of money/public embarrassment it will take to get tickets to Fenway. If anything, I could watch the Sox game from a bar near Fenway...that might help. Never been to Boston during baseball season, this should be fun. Apparently, I have an unassigned seat for my flight out, not happy about that. Now, I have to play the waiting game.

William, thanks to for the links to the cool baseball stuff. I might have to do an overnight trip to Portland in August. Not sure when exactly at this time, but will keep you posted as the date approaches.

Friday, July 13, 2007

M's resign Ichiro

I am an fan of Ichiro, but this might be too much money. Reports a 5 year deal worth 100 mil. He is a good hitter and a great base running threat, but I am not sure if he deserves this much money. I am happy they resigned him, but not sure if this is a huge "win".

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My new favorite players

Vlad Guerrero is my new favorite player. No, this is not because of the home run derby thing, I have thought this for awhile now. He does not user batting gloves, how could you not like this guy.

Vlad has got this done annoymously in Montreal and now in Anaheim. We in the AL and any baseball fan, have followed him throughout his career. Not matter what, he seems to get the job done. A true natural talent.


Brian Roberts does not have this. Demtri Young is as fast as cottage cheese, he lost the world Series home field for the AL.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Hargrove out, McClaren in

Something is not right with this picture. Hargrove just doesn't leave when the M's have had the most successful home stand in recent memory and probably the best June in several years. Chances are details will surface in the coming weeks about contract negotiations going a rye or something to help speed up the process of his fire being extinguished. McClaren will do well, he has been with the M's for a very long time, returning to the bench coach role prior to this season. He was the bench coach for years under Sweet Lou. I think the winning streak should continue under our new emperor's reign.

What a month for the M's as a whole. Weaver actually has pulled his head out of his ass and lowered his ERA to a killer 6.75. J.J. finds a way onto the All Star team. Finds a way is an understatement, he is 23 out of 23 in saves this season with an ERA of 0.92.

The All Star break always brings with it that odd "first half/second half" feel. I really hope that our team does not fall apart after the mid-summer break. I would hate for us to be as bad as the Orioles.