Monday, July 02, 2007

Hargrove out, McClaren in

Something is not right with this picture. Hargrove just doesn't leave when the M's have had the most successful home stand in recent memory and probably the best June in several years. Chances are details will surface in the coming weeks about contract negotiations going a rye or something to help speed up the process of his fire being extinguished. McClaren will do well, he has been with the M's for a very long time, returning to the bench coach role prior to this season. He was the bench coach for years under Sweet Lou. I think the winning streak should continue under our new emperor's reign.

What a month for the M's as a whole. Weaver actually has pulled his head out of his ass and lowered his ERA to a killer 6.75. J.J. finds a way onto the All Star team. Finds a way is an understatement, he is 23 out of 23 in saves this season with an ERA of 0.92.

The All Star break always brings with it that odd "first half/second half" feel. I really hope that our team does not fall apart after the mid-summer break. I would hate for us to be as bad as the Orioles.

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Bill said...

Next time you go to Safeco Field, bring your DS and check this out.