Sunday, July 22, 2007

I made it!

During my travels to Boston last week I was able to cross off one of my baseball goals, to watch a game in Fenway. I actually made it twice.

The first time, we sat behind first base in the grandstands, not bad. We waited until after the game started and got face value seats.

The second game, we sat Row 1 of the Monster seats. This was an amazing view and the best part, my friend got them for free.

Fenway, what a place! Where else do thousands of people sing "Sweet Caroline"? (Don't say a Neil Diamond concert)


Bill said...

Sweet! Did you go with Barry?


Josh said...

Yeah, it was great to hang out with Barry.

Montana1 said...

Josh- You lucky SOB. I've been to many games at the Green Gem, but never sat in the Monster Seats. We took a walk through tour in Aprin (pre-season) but they couldn't take us up on the Monsta to to pre-season prepwork. Did you the the White Sox last weekend?

Anonymous said...

I second (or third) it - Fenway is an amazing experience. I got there a few years back when I was in beantown for a maximo training. Glad you got to go too! -paqo