Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Post 300 and CLOSED to the PUBLIC?!!!!

I am going to bitch about Seahawk training camp closed to the Public. The reason: they moved training camp to team HQ in Kirkland which happens to be in the heart of a residential district...and a nice one at that. So, those fans that wanted to attend training camp that have never made the trek to Cheney, WA (yours truly) have to wait one more year for them to move to a facility in Renton.

I am not sure if the team is moving all its stuff (HQ, training, fields, etc) to Renton, or just moving summer camp. That is fine by me actually, Renton is about 10 miles from my house and saves me from dealing with 405 traffic. I just hope they leave this event free to the public, that is part of the fun.

Oh, and this is post #300. Woohoo!

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