Monday, July 16, 2007

A split and a large bump on the knee

It is tough to beat Verlander, and probably even harder to take 96 MPH pitch in the knee. Odd, to the best of my knowledge, Ichiro has only been injured twice in his career. Thanks to an Angel's loss, we are still 3 games back. Now is the time for use to heat up. I wonder if Ichiro needs to spend any time on the DL if they will use this to bring up Adam Jones. He has been labeled as the #1 prospect in the M's org and is currently tearing it up in AAA.

We will see if Ichiro's contract "ruins" baseball. Not sure if all of you heard the GM for the Marlin's comments, but I would think buying and have a fire sale of a team would be evidence to the "ruin" of baseball, not signing Ichiro...but what do I know. The Marlins only fired last years NL Manager of year. Yes, they do have 2 WS titles to the M's goose egg, but think of what they did to get those 2 WS. Signing Ichiro to a lucrative deal does not compare.

On to Boston this week. I wonder what type of money/public embarrassment it will take to get tickets to Fenway. If anything, I could watch the Sox game from a bar near Fenway...that might help. Never been to Boston during baseball season, this should be fun. Apparently, I have an unassigned seat for my flight out, not happy about that. Now, I have to play the waiting game.

William, thanks to for the links to the cool baseball stuff. I might have to do an overnight trip to Portland in August. Not sure when exactly at this time, but will keep you posted as the date approaches.

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