Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What are we doing!?

For such a hot June, the team is now 8-8 with Mac at the helm. I am not blaming Mclaren, but since he has taken over, our bats have gone cold and our pitchers are giving up the long ball. Thankfully, the Angle are also losing.

A bigger concern is the Yankee's in the wild card race. They are starting their late summer push and that is always scary. The yanks have a fairly simple schedule the next 10 days while the M's are facing division foes and the Red Sox. Most of these games are at home, but I don't think that matters too much.

We do have tickets to see one game from each series. I am taking my parents to their first ever Safeco game this Sunday for "Turn back the clock day". Just for kicks, I will be wearing a Griffey jersey, since I do not have an Alvin Davis, Harold Reynolds, Mark Langston or even a Dave Henderson one to flaunt.

The M's have a "twilight" doublehead today in humid Arlington. We really need a day sweep to get of the losing track. Felix needs to mature a bit on the mound. Yes, the ump gave him a terrible call in Toronto, you have to admit, but what he needs to learn to do is bounce back and keep going after batters...I guess he is only 20.

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