Thursday, August 16, 2007


That is how many runs we scored against the twinkies. Half of that tally came in game one. So, the last 2 games of the set, we were outscored 17-4. Very frustrating, especially coming off the killer the road trip from last week where we had a record of 5-1. To our benefit both Orange County and the evil empire lost. So, once again, instead of gaining ground, we did not lose ground.

A few things went wrong in yesterdays game, but giving a grand slam in the top of 9 really took the wind out of The Safe. Bring on the hapless White Sox. With today being one of our last days off, lets hope we can regain some energy. After this weekends series, we begin the road trip from hell. Especially since we are still making up games from the "snow out" in April.

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