Tuesday, August 14, 2007

...and anyone that plays the Yankees.

We need help from everyone else in the AL. Beat the New York Yankees! The M's are on a role, even though our new ex-Oriole relief did not do a very good job for us last night. However, the Yanks and the Angels keep on winning.

The Angles are 27th in the league, and 13th in the AL for home runs. Yet, they compete for the best record in the AL. This goes to show that you can still win with the small ball. To beat the Angels, you need to shut down the "running game". I have a lot of respect for Scioscia when you see how well the Angels do with little power production. The M's rank 10th in the AL when it comes to HR, so we too are manufacturing runs which is something I love to see. However, we do have 30 more than the Angels and still trail them. The Cincinnati Reds are 2nd in the majors with 154 HR, only 6 behind the Brewers, and yet have one of the worst records in baseball. The Yanks you ask? Third overall and first in the AL.

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