Tuesday, August 07, 2007

BOTW: Highlands Hollow, Boise ID

BOTW is back! I had a sampler of 4 beers at a local brewhouse in Boise called Highlands Hollow.

1. Fiegwild: Very hoppy on the nose, brewed in an English style that exudes hoppieness. Dare I say, cascading hoppieness? The light malt helps ease away the pungent hoppy bite up front. The hop taste lingers in the aftertaste in a calming way.

Rating: Drinkable (I am starting to get more and more into the Bitters)

2. Hippie Shake: Defined as an IPA however a lot of malt, more malt than hoppy for sure. The brewmaster even acknowledged this when I pointed it out (blowing on fist, rubbing on shirt). He did mention it has like 8% alcohol. The brewmaster also pointed out that this beer is not distributed into downtown Boise.

Rating: Very drinkable, but watch out

3. Lone Pine: A nice mild roast malty taste. Not much, if any, bittering hops but a plethora of finishing hops.

Rating: Drinkable

4. Spoon Tongue: Almost fruity in the taste, on par with a Belgium-white style. Very light in color, the lightest the brewery offers. Not too much hop, but a perfect drinkable "warm-day" beer.

Rating: Very drinkable

Do NOT let the outside of this place scare you off. It appears to be one of those "surf and turf for $9.95" joints. Once inside, it is a beer coaster mecca with a variety of coasters and nostalgic cans/bottles plastered throughout the rafters and walls. I felt the establishment itself offered a ton of character and charm. The bar only has 8 stools, and maybe 15 tables, so a great "get to talk to locals" bar for Boise. Really enjoyed my brief pre-airport stop here. It is located at the base of "Bogus Basin".

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Bill said...

Been there many a time and can highly recommend it. Of course, I still call it Harrison Hollow... Did you try the pasta too? Classic.