Sunday, August 05, 2007


With our starters leaving us little to be desired, our bullpen has really stepped up and shut teams down. Our starters are the 13th best or second worst ERA in the AL. However, the M's are still competing for the AL West lead and the wildcard. The Red Sox series always seems to be an exciting one to watch.

We made it to game 1 of the series and spent the game in left field. Between the view in the bar area and the closeness to the pen, we had a great time. It was rather enjoyable to ride Manny the entire game and also see Adam Jones up close.

Game 2 did not go as well as I would have liked, Bill may disagree with me on this one. With the Angels and Detroit losing and the Yanks winning, last nights win would have really helped us in the playoff race. I know that we are still early into August, but this is going to be a good race to the wire. Today is the rubber match between these two teams.

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