Monday, August 06, 2007

TSA, Southwest, and 6-4

Apparently, today, TSA is now asking that ALL electronics (Blackberry's, iPods, DVD players, etc) be removed from your bag prior to screening. I calmly asked the TSA agent when this went into affect, and he told me today. I don't watch a lot of mainstream news, but was there a brief story on this? This has been the way that TSA has historically got these type of announcements out. It is not a huge deal, however, they are delaying flyer's that much more. I guess I will do the clear bag thing for my electronics as well, instead of having to dig through my carry on to find them.

How early is too early to stand in the "A", "B" and "C" lines for Southwest? My flight is at 6:45 and at 5:20 I had 2 people already in line. One is in the A line and one is in the B line. I am sensing an "ATM proper distance" skit coming up. Once you are in line, what is the proper stance? I have a gent in the B line now, attempting to sleep with his bag as a pillow.

The M's went 6-4 on their homestand against the A's, Angels and B-S0x, with two of those loses at the hands of the Red Sox. Not a horrible record, but we need all the wins we can get. The Yankees don't need a pitching staff lately with the way the ball is flying out of Yankee stadium. Do they even have pitching in NYC? Now, the M's and Yanks are tied in the wild card race, a half game back from Detroit. Also, the Twins are usually a hot second half team, they are sitting at 4 games back in the WC race.

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