Thursday, August 02, 2007

Wild finish

J.J. could not close out the Angels last night. He gave up a 2 run dinger to Gary Matthews Jr in the bottom of the ninth to force extra innings. This was my first ever extra inning game that I witnesses and what a game it was. The pen did an outstanding job of picking up where J.J. left off. The M's did have a chance in the 10th with the Angels bringing in 5 infielders, they decided to put a squeeze on, not something I would have done. Of course it completely backfired and we had to wait 2 more innings for Betancourt to save the day. Putz has had 33 save ops this year, closing the the door on 31 one of them.

Bring on the Sox! We need a lot of success to come out of the Sox series. We are 3 games back of the Angels in the west and .5 games back of the Indians for the wild card.

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